Monday, September 8, 2014

Travelin' light

I had an interesting and amusing observation this morning.  I was up at my usual time, 5 am, and the MA gets up as well, as he is on his way to the greater Eau Claire area for one of his income tax seminars.  Now this sounds somewhat dreadful to me, and I am quite sure that he is NOT indulging in the wonderful shopping opportunities, which is just unthinkable, but this is not really pertinent to the story, other than to possibly enhance the idea that this man is waaaay different than his dearest spouse.  Anyway, let's stay with the story line, he got up and got ready, had his cheerios, picked up his one single bag (small) and left for his overnight seminar.

Let's analyze this statement.  His ONE small bag.  He took a complete change of clothes, placed in my little overnight bag with his toothbrush and toothpaste, and possibly he remembered his dental floss. And likely a comb.  That is literally ALL. HE. TOOK.

I am not sure that I can even comprehend being able to pick up one small bag  for an over night stay. Because first of all, I am a pillow taker.  I take my own pillows everywhere, just because I must.  Then there is the fact that what if I want to wear something different than that one shirt and pair of pants, and what if its raining and what if I need different socks?  Not to mention, I will on a similar trip need to take my running shoes and some sort of workout clothes, and so that means I am pretty much up to a small suitcase, an extra bag with shoes, a book, my computer or iPad, phone charger, other appropriate cords, my makeup bag with a little makeup, and all the things that go with a shower in the morning.  Like my favorite soap, coconut oil, own shampoo, conditioner and then there is the advil, bandaids, hand lotion and a protein bar.  Plus a sweatshirt.  OH and my pillows.  I will have you know I could carry all that in one trip!

In one way I am a little jealous of the ease of his departure, but on the other hand, I would be entertaining myself on my computer, texting my friends with my fully charged phone and having a nice small selection of clothes to be comfy in the next day.  And who knows what treasures I would have found at the local department stores!!

Yeah, well, at any rate, I have the house to myself tonight, which might be a little lonely, but alone in the house can be a joy too!

Hope you have a good night and sleep well!  

Monday, September 1, 2014

A bundle of contradictions


(Wow, I let that last depressing post sit on top of my blog WAY longer than I meant to.  OOPS.)

I'd like to say that I am not a whole lot better than the last time I wrote, but I am starting to relax.  Labor Day is a ball of contradictions, with people coming and leaving, people not coming when they were going to and that secret delight of silence that replaces it- especially after a busy busy 4 days.  There is the joy of the last huge sink full  of dishes that are complete and minimal cooking in the foreseeable future, coupled with a long stretch of no kiddos for company. An old friend showed up in a new way- quite unexpected.  School is starting- and you can say that in SEVERAL ways, go ahead and try some of those out!  There is the mini disasters that occurred and were fixed and the one fix that didn't happen.  ON and on it goes, and I am drained.  However, the sun is out and I think that I will get in a walk, and who knows, maybe the MA will go with me.

The sun magically likes to come out when I enter the school building, and I am sure that it will be out tomorrow when the school year begins again.  It usually is.  This past week was quite lovely whilst I was stuck inside....  Ah yes.

I have my rooms ready, but no clue what to wear.  I have my first few lessons prepared, but have not printed class lists yet.  I am super tired, but anticipate a cruddy nights sleep.  a bundle of contradictions as per usual.  I've been feeling cranky at times today, but then feel bad that I was having ill-will towards a fairly harmless person.  I am happy about one thing, but see the drawbacks in other ways.  I need to quit over thinking. Always.

Anyway, I think I will just publish this fairly disjointed post and go on with my day.  I do want a walk, but I needed this hour of goofing off. After all, it is my last afternoon of quiet for a while.  Maybe I will paint my summer fingernail one last time!

I hope your Labor Day was a good one, whether you were picnicking or partying or sulking or resting or working or loafing or best of all, joyful.

Happy Monday, and now you can spend the rest of the week wondering what day it is anyway!