Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A thought for today, and some information


So the information first, apparently the thing where you get an email, if that is how you subscribe too this craziness here is going away in July.  why- I have no idea. There is a way to download the subscribers, I guess.  I don't even know if I want to know how that even works.  So if that is how you know I have posted, that apparently wont be the case anymore.  I get the feeling google doesn't want to deal with blogger so much anymore.  

I had this thought come to me yesterday, while I was dealing with some weird thing.  Being an adult in life- it is like you are trying to hop from rock to rock in a raging river.  Just when you get to the next rock and you see that you have made it, there is the next rock.  You never can get very comfortable, there is always some wave in the river trying to get to you.  I feel like that literally all the time.  Retirement, boy weren't we lucky to get out when we did, but then there is health, and your friends and family with issues, and some indeed experiencing the end of life.  All the things you think you will learn and do, and so many other things get in the way. Most of them happen in your own head.

Hop, whew made it to the next rock.  Oh dang it, I cant stay on this rock- I'm going to try to make it to the next one.  Oh yay, safe.  Oh wait nope.  How to get to the next one.  Maybe this rock will be better.  but it sort of never is.

Nothing drastic is happening to me, don't read more into it than necessary (which by the way, I am famous for reading far more into things that necessary).  Just so many expectations, disappointments, challenges and goals.  things to look forward to and an occasional regret.

Hop. step.  Can't stay here, move forward .....

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Well that didnt last too long...

 Hey there again- 

I am glad to say that my instinct to go for a walk was the right thing to do.  I felt like I was walking through mud my legs felt so heavy, but at least being in the sun was helpful.

Speaking of sun, the snow is nicely receding and while the yard is still full of snow, the field around the house is becoming devoid of said nasty white stuff.  This is indeed a wonderful thing.  Got some sunny coming yet again tomorrow before few cloudy days.  It gets above freezing for the day but below for the night, which will translate to some good maple syrup production this year I am thinking.  I hope to get to Jane and Rogers place this coming week to do my yearly tradition of helping gather a little sap.  Or at least accompanying Jane on her rounds.

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of going to help the mad-plant lady (formerly the mad-science teacher) transplant baby plants.  I am indeed looking forward to this.  Especially since rumor has it there might be cake involved and I can get behind that! And I really need to spend time with people.  People who talk to me.....  to say I am delighted is an understatement.

Tomorrow also is a total day off of any exercise because, you guys, my god, my body hurts.  I don't remember what I said a few hours ago, but I was able to easily do decent squats during my peloton legs and glute workout yesterday and that turned out to be quite unpleasant today.  I thought that riding the bike would help work that soreness out, but I thought wrong.  Hence the walking through mud feeling this afternoon.  I can also feel distinct tightness in my shoulders and back, so I did get a good workout....  I just have to keep a lid on that over-enthusiastic rediscovery of abilities.

Having the strength training really was a great start - I am glad I had those weeks of training before the bike came.  But I **think** that the bike itself has done wonders for my knees.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile this is freaking awesome to standup with out swearing inside my head. Lol

I am so sleepy right now I think I am babbling.  So I guess I will go join the MA and not watch whatever stupid western or world war 2 tv show he has on....  goodness.  I will read or play a game of candy crush or most likely- both.

Thanks for reading!  And I am very grateful to be back to my normal happy-ish self.  

Mind shifting

 The day started off just fine, I was a little stiff from the exercise I did yesterday.  Coffee tasted pretty good, I got on the Peloton (which I named, but I don't remember what it was), expected a friend to be on with me but was not- but that is ok.  No biggie.  I did well on that and then rested because I was tired!

Lunch, the MA wasn't annoying or anything, and I had something left from yesterday for myself.  So far so good.  But, under it all I was a little off, and unfortunately it doesnt take much to push me over that line.  I am fine, don't get me wrong, but I am feeling the effects of giving out too much again.  This is what I do.  I am my friends best cheerleader, counselor, sounding board.  And I like the give and take of that.  Lately I have been doing a lot of giving.  And it caught up with me.  

I found myself again repeating the same sort of advice (for lack of a better term, more like pep talk) which was promptly ignored and it made me exasperated.  With everyone everywhere.  

I could feel my mood plummet and the tears rose.  So I need to just get out of the house I think.  It is nice out, so I guess I will take a walk.  Still alone.  I have had my second vaccine and I can actually go where I want again.  But that hasn't registered at all yet.  Thanks a lot Covid for stealing my joy, you jerk.

Anyway, there is no solution or brushing this away.  It just will take time.  I'm hoping the sun will help too.  I keep thinking today is Sunday, but indeed it is not.  And tonight is sucky daylight savings time.  I think that should go away.  

But positives:  I got my second vaccine, it is sunny and not snowing, I have a lot of people who care.  I have amazing children and grandchildren, and I did get to retire at the exact right time it seems.  But being home alone all the freaking time is not good.  at all.  the end.  

So I am going to go outside and hope my brain finds its way back to perfectly fine like it was only an hour ago.  I need summer and people and travel.  not necessarily in that order. 

Have a good weekend.  to the 3 people who read this when I don't post it on Facebook.  lol. you all are awesome. mwah. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Good Morning and Happy Monday

 I was about to embark on my strength training mission and I had a random thought about this blog.  I FREQUENTLY compose little sentences/paragraphs in my head (why though) for stories I would like to write, and through a fast process of random neuron firings I thought an update was in order.

I, since writing last, have gotten my first covid vaccine, which was really good- but again with the mind bending....  another time for that.  I have endured 2 weeks of REALLY cold temperatures, though truth be told, it was way worse up here when I first moved north in 1980.  And those first two winters we really only had a wood stove for heat. Good lord that sounds like pioneer days, doesn't it?  I was doubting my sanity and judgement.  And seriously thought about moving home- but I stuck it out.  lol.  mostly because I doubt my mom would have wanted me there.  jk.  She always said, at least to me, that we would always have a place to go if we needed it.  I miss my mom. 

Anyway, it is snowing lightly and is decently warmish, and I plan to get outside in a little while for some snowshoe after afore mentioned strength training.  Which by the way has made a HUGE difference in the way I feel - however, this time around I am smart enough to keep the obsession at bay and am doing this without losing all the feeling in my hands at night.  My peloton bike is scheduled to get here Wednesday - lord I hope I won't bore people with this- but we shall see.

The best thing that has happened lately is having my oldest son invite me down to visit them and I am getting my suitcase out later today.  So Friday I am getting the hell out of dodge.  My suitcase.....  the one I bought for my trip to Italy that was supposed to happen last year..... sniff sniff.....  But it is a wonderful piece of luggage and will be available for when that trip does happen.  maybe next summer- 2022.  fingers crossed.

I hear there are pitchers of margaritas to go in my future- because I have the best DILs ever.  AND Mexican food too!!!  It has been a hot minute for that- since summer time in the sort of south.  

So here is the update, not too much to tell.  But, I like to put out positive posts and not just my occasional bouts of anxiety and angst.  I know we all have them, so it is also a good thing to have people be able to identify with the ludicrous and ridiculous things that go on in all of our minds.

Have a great week, and maybe I'll post again soon.  I just never know.  

Rock on all you lovely friends of mine.....  mwah 

Sunday, January 31, 2021

I miss my (nice) clothes

 I just laughed out loud when I titled this - I miss my clothes.  So an edit was applied to make it slightly less eyebrow raising, or letting people think that I need to be institutionalized or something.  Or perhaps avoiding covert visitors to the property to get a look at what THIS might all mean!

Anyway, I just had a DSW email notification pop up as I opened this tab, and it just reminds me of the pretty dresses,  cute skirts, leather boots, colorful tights and other pretty things that I used to wear, not all that long ago.  

It makes me look back over the years and think about how things have changed.  When I first started working at the school, as a sub, I had nice enough things I guess, but I really didn't dress "up". You never knew what you were going to get- recess duty, art projects (which I got a lot of), etc.  It was just safer to be in sturdy items that were not going to be a tragedy if they got dirty.  Back when I was younger, I never wore dresses, or almost never.  There were a few things behind that: lack of opportunity other than subbing, really poor self confidence and probably the main factor- not a lot of money.  3 kids and part time work does not give one a huge clothing budget. 

Anyway, somewhere along the line I got my full time job and I was constantly covered in art supplies.  Also not at all conducive to nice clothes.  At least in my mind it was ridiculous to choose to get paint all over nice clothes and I really didn't think I was worthy of wearing pretty clothes like many of the lovely (read: thin) coworkers of mine.  This was my own judgement, no one else's.

Fast forward to having a constantly changing job and life, turning 50, finding my voice and confidence and the art teacher who wore dresses almost every day evolved.  I became known for my cute tights and pretty boots, skirts and dresses and sweaters.  Still occasionally paint covered but not as much as I thought.  I LOVED dressing up the last 5 years or so of my career.  It was the best thing I even did for myself. I felt so good, and my colleagues and other friends would comment about what I wore. Even the big kids liked my clothes, and I had more than one kindergartener tell me they like my pants (my tights usually, lol) and then proceed to pet my leg and admire the color.  It cracked me up, but mostly made me feel awe that anyone would pay attention.  The assumptions I had had about myself were not at all true. I broke a lot of my own self imposed rules. 

Even though I am indeed grateful for not working now, this would be terribly stressful work environment, there are so many things I miss.  The smell of the oil paint when I first walked in the door of the high school art room, straightening the disorder I frequently left the night before, opening or starting the kiln, pulling myself together in front of the mirror and occasionally taking a selfie to share. I miss talking to my coworkers, the high school students, and getting the mass hugs from my elementary kids. And my nice clothes.  

I did the right thing at the right time, and I still have a few things left in my closet.  Someday I will get to wear them again- This will end, right? 

Tomorrow is February and so far 2021 isn't too bad.  Lets hope it stays that way- not too bad isn't the worst way to be. Find your way the best you can.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Chocolate cookies and things

Today is a not-gonna-do-it day for me.  If I don't feel like it, I'm not.  For the most part that is.  I guess the MA will get fed since the poor boy works 7 days a week.  But if you know him, for the love of all things good in this world, do not drop by and visit him at the office.  Public service announcement: do not stop and chit chat with your local accountant.  They are too nice to tell you that. Anyway, I didn't want to snowshoe or anything else this morning so there it is....  not gonna do it.

I keep thinking back to the dentist office and the really messed up energy that hygienist had. She will be encouraged to take it down about 3 steps next time.  You know, I specifically asked not to be nagged when I started at this new office a few years ago, apparently they will need to be reminded.  Yes, I am still pissy about it all.

Ok, deep breaths and I am reminding my self of what my meditation instructor said this morning: you can always come back to this place of peace whenever you need to.  And I am doing so.  People unloading on me, yet again, find your peaceful place.  People not answering me back (some of whom I may be related to)- peaceful place.  A lot of energy because I didn't do any yoga or strength training today- peaceful place AND let's make something chocolate.  

I had chocolate chips in the house, but was missing one of the ingredients needed to make magic cookie bars. I have coconut but not the will to roll up balls of coconut candy and dip them in chocolate.... sigh.  So, chocolate cookies it is.  Why not?  The dough is literally chilling out in the fridge at the moment, so here I am waiting for it to firm up to be baked.  

Which leads me to some random thoughts I had while doing this new recipe.  Seriously, Pinterest and blogger bakers are pretty damn annoying. First of all you have to wade through paragraphs and more paragraphs to get to the recipe.  Then the woman who wrote the recipe started talking about over measuring flour- I mean, what the heck does that even mean?  Then she said also, don't use too LESS flour..... oh honey.....  So I read on and realize she means, you need to make sure you don't put in too much flour- therefore scoop it and level. Some sad examples of awkward/incorrect phrasing.  Minor I know but - I am easily annoyed today. 

 I remember one recipe that I did for a chocolate swirl banana bread that, I kid you not, had you using like 5 bowls and a pan and all of the measuring utensils in your cupboard.  I got it down to one bowl and a glass 4 cup measuring cup, besides teaspoons and things like that.  At the time, my mission was to avoid dishes.  Since I now have a dishwasher, it is purely for bragging rights and pride.  I have no one to brag to but myself, but we are pretty smug about it.  Anyway, I know I shouldn't be down on people because you don't know their journey, but if you put that stuff on the internet you should do your editing. And for god sakes don't make a million dirty dishes.

But on a positive note, Laurie and I are beginning to plan out the plants we are growing.  I should point out that she is the one with the indoor seed starting setup: the correct lighting, windows, plant racks, etc.  I am here to provide moral support, help and potting soil.  My house just doesn't have a good place for it, and I am not setting that up in my bedroom.  I know someone who thinks I should put all kinds of things in there and that gets shot down really quickly.  I am not filling that room with stuff.  I am slowly improving the space with carefully chosen beautiful items....  makes me happy to think about it. 

It almost looked like the sun might be peeking out, but maybe not.  However, it is staying lightish out past 5 pm now, and that is really outstanding. Might be getting a bit of snow tomorrow, and that is fine, too.  To have it almost 4pm and really bright out yet is so hopeful and so joyful.  And we all need a little bit of that. 

I think it is time to bake the cookies!  If you follow me on Instagram I am sure that photos will follow, at least in the stories part.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Rock on!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A positive note

 Ok, so I feel kind of horrible about complaining since I restarted this blog, so here are a few positives - because really, that is not how I generally operate.

I made and have eaten chocolate cake!  YES!

I have seen my mad-ex-science teacher friend for a few minutes, so that was wonderful, and tomorrow I am taking Lola's (the food truck Lola, not the statue) to my birthday-girl friend's place.  I get to have an outing!  That doesn't involve being nagged at by dental professionals.  

The sun has been out lately and conversely its snowed a little, so I will be snowshoeing in a day or two. 

Daffodils, not in season, grace my kitchen and they make me so happy.

I am still loving my refreshed bedroom and from 4 years ago, my kitchen remodel.  I appreciate the hard work we did after all these years of living in kinda ugly.

I am SO grateful none of my closest friends or family have gotten the 'rona and neither have I.  The one or two of my next circle out have gotten it and recovered.  This is so good. The MA will get his vaccine soon I think, and I will as soon as I can.  All these things are superb.  And I will never talk politics, but thank god that nightmare is over.

I am enjoying my new workout schedule, peloton is fun- and I am really looking forward to getting the bike.  and I am enjoying the benefits of the activities  and I remember how much I enjoy lifting weights.  I have no idea why, but I do love it.

This is the best I can do tonight, as I am getting a little tired... that is what happens when one gets up- unfathomably at 5-5:30 am.  It is the best time of the day.

Make this week the best you can- there is always something good in - just little conversations or text messages can make your day complete.

Rock on good people!  And be nice.