Monday, December 17, 2018

Travels with Debi: Last Day in London

I left this post unfinished for a few months, life has a way of evolving into things that you so totally don't expect. I have experienced some of these things- some totally amazing :)  and some very sad.  Undoubtedly you will hear more.  But for now, a finish to my trip....
Dingoes in the house!  

The huge greenhouse with some amazing plants.
As I finish off my travel stories, I have to say this was one of the most delightful and at the same time terrifying times of my life.  Lol. I wish I wasn't so tentative, but on the other hand, that doesn't stop me from doing much of anything.  My sanity just suffers for it.

Inside the greenhouse, I believe this is the palm house
And this, boys and girls, is where chocolate comes from
This last day in London involved a super side trip to a marvelous garden called Kew Gardens.  This place is HUGE and we barely got through a third of it I bet.  It was spectacular- the buildings, the gardens, the grounds....  but it did get pretty hot that day- well into the 80's.  Made going into the succulent and desert gardens a bit challenging, but it was all worth it.

I am pretty sure these are lotus blossoms
Part of the Princess of Wales conservatory collection
I love seeing these! A type of water lily I believe
I didn't take a lot of photos here, I really was enjoying my time, plus the sun was so strong the exposure was tricky.  That is ok, it was a wonderful day. Traveling to Kew on the train system was a training experience for me- if you remember from a previous post, I had to take the Tube for an hour to get to the airport....
Serious Japanese maple envy 

The greenhouses were spectacular, as were the grounds.  That is one of those places that I need to back and see again- so much of London I didn't get to experience.

Those roses, though

I wish I had taken more time photographing this

Loved the little vignettes that were everywhere

I regret not writing this post closer to June, but that is me.  I am a procrastinator.  but hey, at least I got my calendars done in plenty of time this year.  And didn't pull any bonehead moves like having it printed with white numbers on a white background.  That I don't even know how it happened, other than I fiddled around with things a lot last year...  I started downloading pictures way way earlier for this one, and paid attention to such things.  Goodness.  I might have a couple "art" calendars left and possible one abandoned house one, so if anyone wants one, let me know.

I can not begin to thank my hosts enough for the amazing trip I had back in June.  I think of it often, and when they post on facebook or Instagram I relive those moments again.  And I am so ready for more travels and I know that I can do any form of transportation I need thanks to the help from my dear friends, Anne-Sophie, Mark and Jonny.  They hold special places in my heart.  

Conquer your fears and find your joy.  Be brave, be ferocious, give it your all and give up control.  Life will give you those unexpected joys when you stop trying to direct it in any one direction....  if you stop trying to control your journey, you just might get where you always wanted to be.

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