Sunday, November 2, 2014

A REALLY good day

Today is that "fall back" day of Daylight Savings Time.  With all the whining about the time change in the spring, few people complain about today.  Apparently they are grateful to have an "extra" hour in the day and have nothing to say about it!  HA!

Similar to the analogy that in order to have amazing sunsets, you have to have clouds (I guess the traditional statement is rain and rainbows, but I like sunsets much better than rainbows), in order to have this fantastic, leisurely day of extra time, you have to lose that hour in the spring.  So quit whining and enjoy a little delayed gratification!

I LOVE this day!  LOVE IT.  And that is what I told the MA right now when I went to see if he was alive yet- he works hard on these weekends, so he's a little sleepy.  I said the clock says 7:35 but it is really 6:35.....  and I LOVE this day.  Lol  In that moment he told me he was tired I think that meant- get out!

I look a the time and I know that it will be a day where it seems like you should be doing something particular SOON but you don't have to yet.  Where  you feel like you can leisurely have more coffee, even if the horsie outside is staring at the house waiting for his breakfast.  Where the possibilities seem endless and time is going slow.  I savor the feelings because I know I won't have another day like this for a whole year.

And even better, it looks like the day is going to be dry and at least partly sunny.  And not as cold as it was yesterday.   I guess the only sort of drawback is the fact that it will be dark super early now but on the other hand, it is nice to have a little light in the morning.  My Lolaaday pictures will be way better for a while!  I enjoy being optimistic, it really makes the little things in life fun.

And it is awesome to be able to find the little joys in life!