Sunday, October 20, 2013

June Wrap Up - The Art Institute of Chicago

So I found this unpublished post tonight!  I wanna go back!  This was at the Art Institute in Chicago, I went with my sweet friend Cheri during that fabulous trip to The Windy City in June.  I think these pictures are totally worth posting 6  months later.  

Marc Chagall Windows

Greek mosaic

Georgia O'Keefe

American Gothic byGrant Wood

Egyptian Vase

Georgia O'keefe clouds

I believe this is a Rauschenberg


Cezanne (love Cezanne)

Monet Haystacks!

Jackson Pollock- and NO your kindergartener cannot do this


Debi and the Haystacks

Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles

Van Gogh Self Portrait

Hope you enjoy these- I know I sure did!

Trip to Rib Mountain!

A few weekends ago I took a shopping trip to Wausau and after a morning of perusing the fabric department of Joann's, I met my friend Adam, the Mad-English Teacher, over at Rib Mountain.  For those of you who are not from central or northern WI, you might not know that Rib Mountain is a ski hill and recreation site in the Wausau area.  I have never gone down hill skiing, so I had never been there in that capacity.  So when it was suggested that I might go there for a nice hike up the side of the mountain, well, I was all over it!  I am pretty sure it was during one of my email exchanges with Justin at Channel 9 that he suggested that I go there for photography opportunities.  I occasionally have pictures on the early morning weather segments, so emails are exchanged.  I appreciate the tip, let me tell you. It was a wonderful day!

The weather was perfect, cool and sunny.  We had a great walk over to the ski lift and then up the hill and over to an old rock quarry.  Along the paths there was plenty of reminders why it is called Granite Peak Ski Hill.  Kind of a rocky path, but it was quite navigable.  We went around the quarry, and then into it.  A very good hike indeed!

ski lift

Animal residence?  Fairy house?

View from atop the Quarry

Adam taking pix

Pink maple leaves

In the Quarry looking up

To the side of the Quarry 

The change of seasons is about to occur

Ski lift

Rocky path

Gorgeous cobalt blue skies
Such a great day!  Absolutely worth the trip- I want to return to see more and walk up the ski hill sometime soon. Or maybe next spring....  Whenever it is, it is sure to be another joyful day!

Late season garden pictures

Zinnia "Zowie"

I have a gardening friend who recently had a traumatic injury and is now forced to be confined to a few rooms in a house that is not hers.  I won't go into any particulars, not that I really know them, other than the fact that this vigorous, healthy,  active woman is now forced into life of stillness, and relative solitude.

Rudbeckia (Goldsturm)

Prairie dropseed Sporobolus heterolepis 

Solidago Rugosa "Fireworks"

I've been thinking about this a LOT.  What would I do, what would I feel like, what would happen, if I had a similar outcome to a probably quite ordinary accident?  Would I handle it with grace as she seems to be- I know I could detect in her writing a bit of shock and disbelief at the beginning.

Ornamental Grass (I don't remember which it is!)

End of the flower garden with Karl Foerester grass, Prairie Dropseed, a Miscanthus,  and a Panicum.

I am pretty sure I would have put a blog post up the first day whining and crying and carrying on- maybe not, though.  You just never know.  Being forced into relative silence- probably painful immobility- and being removed from the place that you are comfortable and familiar, not being able to come and go as you wish, and just the general looking at life-as-you-no-longer-know-it in the face, must be something that is a daily, indeed hourly, struggle.

Frosty cherry tomato
A daisy that was given to me by a friend- species unknown

Sambucus nigra "Eva" (Black Lace)

 So to give her a possible boost and to know that I am thinking about her, as well I am sure as are many many people, I want to post some seasonal garden pix for her.

Aster species unknown

Echinacea in October

Echinacea in September
Prairie Dropseed, Miscanthus "Zebra grass", Ladies Mantle (Alchemilla)
She will be happy that she doesn't live in northern Wisconsin, at least.  :)  This is called counting my blessings, in spite of the snow.  Life needs to be celebrated, not bemoaned.

Lola standing stoically through all the things mother nature throws at her

Sunflowers in the snow- beautiful contrasts of seasons.

And a little joy should be shared with those who need it.

I want to do a little shout out to my buddies (and hers) at the Sprout-off forum where we first met.  It is a great, quirky bunch that are always ready to talk all things gardening, and then some!  :) Please visit if you are a gardening person- this is a fabulous group!!