Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Saturday night photo-shoot

So the time was right, and the stars were in alignment, and I got a couple cool pictures tonight.  Actually, I got a few nice ones today, too, but I will save those for the Sunday photo post.

The lovely Lola is being highlighted tonight- there is a pot of gold right behind her.  If you squint, turn your head slightly to the right and blink several times in succession, you will hallucinate and see the gold at the end of the rainbow.  A nice glass of wine is helpful to fulfill this vision- work with me, people!

Lola is ready to catch the gold in her dish!
The Mad-Accountant alerted me to the lovely sunset while I was involved in a hot game of Scrabble on facebook, so I have to give him props for the heads up!  It was lovely and glowing and I'm gonna hit you with my best shot here!  (Pat Banatar reference for those of you who were children of the 70's).

Golden sunset
What a wonderful way to end a rainy day!  Until next time- spread your joy like the spring gold sunset!

Easter visitors

I feel a bit remiss in not posting about my Easter weekend, when it involved the other Mad-boy- Greg.  I got tired of sitting in front of the computer, so it got pushed aside for a few days.  Poor Greg!

 It is always entertaining to have one or more of the boys come to visit, and there are always adventures!  There was even a sighting of the elusive Michael!  He knows when the good grub is being served.  There were a lot of things on the agenda, including lunch at "The Pal Cafe", hanging out with relatives, and of course eating- a lot!
We started off the weekend with 3 inches of snow, which has been previously discussed, and there were some things that needed doing- the tractor needed to be started and retrieved from where it had conked out in some -20 degree weather, the old Toyota woods truck needed a new battery, and some culverts needed to be cleared.
Dragging a battery back to the Toyota, but the tractor was first on the list.
Gonna clear out the culvert

Got the tractor going

The Toyota got itself a new battery and boy it barely rumbled before coming back to life!  Liberation!!  

It's ALIVE - Yoda

Clearing the culvert
In other news, the rare son Michael makes an on camera appearance.

Motorcycle in transit

Artsy motorcycle pix
The old Yamaha motorcycle has made its way south, and will be in restoration mode for a while.  One more thing out of our garage!!  Woot!

So, this is a week late, sorry Greg and Mike.  Hope it doesn't make you Mad-sons!
Until next time (like in a few minutes) don't forget to spread the joy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tree planting adventure

I may be a self proclaimed Mad Art Teacher, but when it comes to trees in the spring, there is someone in the house who is way more mad!!  We have hundreds and hundreds of little trees planted all over the place here, at various stages of growth.  But they all start out like this.

Bucket o' trees

Off we go to the way back field (as opposed to the field and the back field, well I think I have discussed THIS before!) to plant these babies.  There are a lot more of them in the garage, so we just sort of got a start on it.
Digging holes
Here is the Mad Accountant making his rows of trees.  This kind of cracks me up, as he leaves so little space in between these white pines, we all know they are going to be pretty crowded in 20 years.  But oh well, I'll lend a hand. 
Newly planted seedlings
There are no holes dug for this style of planting- just 2 slices into the ground, like a capital T, lift a bit, drop in the seedling and then step on the dirt around.  Pretty efficient method of planting little trees, I'd say.  We are kind of in the process of reforesting the way back field, as the only way to access it with hay balers and tractors is on the Tuscobia, and using it is sort of frowned on these days.  
Trees in the front yard
This is what tree planter's first crop looks like almost 30 years later, planted in our front yard.  It is amazing how much they grow in a relatively short time.
Swamp full of water
Of course I was unable to stick totally to task- I found a few photos to take on the walk home.  Here is the water in one of the swamps, it was so pretty.  The moss is just so vibrantly green, the browns are getting lively and reddish, the water was very fresh yet from all the rain and snow.  Lovely.

Running water with moss
A little area of flowing water on the walk home.  The swamps have been pretty dry the last several years.  This makes me afraid of the mosquito season we may have!  
Little cabin in the woods, south side
We passed by the little cabin in the woods, only a few weeks and this view will not be visible for the leaves on the trees!  I am in anxious anticipation for THAT event!
House with sunset

Here is a glorious sight- the sun!  This was a great way to end the day.  The Mad Accountant finished his day by raking, a spring ritual.  Lawn mowing can't be too far behind!


I finished my little walk and tree adventure by visiting the fair Lola.  She is pretty happy about the drier and warmer weather.  The daffodils near Lola are ALMOST ready to bloom, maybe tomorrow!  I know there is a cool photograph awaiting when that happens!
Tete a Tete daffodils

Lola in profile
Spring is winning, you guys!  We can make it through these last few gasps of winter, we will have T-shirt weather, I'm sure of it!
With that in mind, until next time- be a joy giver.  Spread the news that spring is winning.  My friend Jane told me that it's so!  :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Let the concrete begin!

So, I had a at least a days' worth of errands, tasks and chores that needed to be done, but did I let that stop a creative burst that needed to be released?  Oh heck no!  I think it was all the chit-chatting with Lola that I have been doing lately.  

I had a "flower pot" for lack of a better term, that had been formed of metal and concreted last summer.  It is for someone I know, and I really wanted to get a start on something artistic.  It is so easy for me to neglect my own artwork, when I help students 5 days a week, so I really need to attend to my need to create.
Beginning point for the day

I started by hauling out all my stuff- now that took at least 45 minutes of my time, but you can't make something out of nothing! 

More stuff!

I also had lots of help from some of my furry friends.  It is very difficult to apply adhesive to glass pieces when one has a fuzzy body right in the way.  I guess it was an efficient way to get extra pets and loves!

I mixed up a bunch of adhesive and had at it! 

cutting glass
Mixing adhesive

 I did not completely finish this today, but really all I have left is to put a pale pink glass on the mouth and then grout the entire piece.  The fun thing is to put all different sorts of goodies on the sculpture.  Here is have glass globs, stained glass, a jar lid, keys, and mirrors.

Part way done
Just needs mouth color and grout!

In other news, the Mad Accountant came home early and broke out the big guns to fix the lawn damage from the snow plow.  You  KNOW he had a good time doing this!
Big toys for big boys!
Until next time, be a joy giver- snow or shine!

Sunday Photos 4/24/2011

Yeah, baby, it is SUNDAY PHOTO TIME!!  I know how excited you all are- well, at least I am excited, it is kind of fun to post a selection of the pictures I took this week.  I went for a LOOOOOONG walk today, took the 7 mile loop for the first time in several years.  Holy moly, that is a long way.  It was so nice today, but I am including the photos of the irritating weather from yesterday.  You don't fully experience joy unless you've been ticked off, and that last snow was a major irritation!

I have to start off with Lola, the poor girl.  Might have some daffs at her feet on Monday if it stays nice and warm!
Lola looking regal and much happier than yesterday

No comment!

Here are a few of the Saturday snow pictures.  Snow didn't keep the Mad Family from going about their business!
Synchronized preening- Sandhill cranes

The rest of the photos are from various times during the week, it was again a good picture taking week!

Jacpot resting in the sun

Motorcycle closeup

Hopeful sign!
frozen grass

Still resting

Milk weed pods

Old trunk


Fungi and moss

Hidden treasures

Stump in swamp

Stone house- front view

Days gone by


Old potato digger
Stone house- south side
Until next time- be a joy giver!