Monday, April 25, 2011

Let the concrete begin!

So, I had a at least a days' worth of errands, tasks and chores that needed to be done, but did I let that stop a creative burst that needed to be released?  Oh heck no!  I think it was all the chit-chatting with Lola that I have been doing lately.  

I had a "flower pot" for lack of a better term, that had been formed of metal and concreted last summer.  It is for someone I know, and I really wanted to get a start on something artistic.  It is so easy for me to neglect my own artwork, when I help students 5 days a week, so I really need to attend to my need to create.
Beginning point for the day

I started by hauling out all my stuff- now that took at least 45 minutes of my time, but you can't make something out of nothing! 

More stuff!

I also had lots of help from some of my furry friends.  It is very difficult to apply adhesive to glass pieces when one has a fuzzy body right in the way.  I guess it was an efficient way to get extra pets and loves!

I mixed up a bunch of adhesive and had at it! 

cutting glass
Mixing adhesive

 I did not completely finish this today, but really all I have left is to put a pale pink glass on the mouth and then grout the entire piece.  The fun thing is to put all different sorts of goodies on the sculpture.  Here is have glass globs, stained glass, a jar lid, keys, and mirrors.

Part way done
Just needs mouth color and grout!

In other news, the Mad Accountant came home early and broke out the big guns to fix the lawn damage from the snow plow.  You  KNOW he had a good time doing this!
Big toys for big boys!
Until next time, be a joy giver- snow or shine!


  1. Lola looks like she is getting a friend, or maybe just a talking head? LOL

  2. I love your flower pot! You do such creative, beautiful things. So glad you are blogging it!

  3. @ Rachelle- Lola will not be keeping this friend! It is going to be a gift.
    @ Tanya, thank you, you are such a sweetheart!