Friday, January 27, 2017

So where did January actually go?

Apparently there are some of us who just never stop clowning around in public

I haven't written in my blog lately, which makes me a little sad.  I have been doing school, doing a little traveling, hanging out here, letting my stupid toe heal, enduring some obnoxiously cold weather, and then some warm, soupy weather that has caused a lot of slush....  oy.
Bobby and Shantay Kutz

So yeah, not much has been happening here.  But that won't be the case forever- I have stuff I plan to post!  I have a bunch of photos I realize I need to process from visiting Ella and Ava....  So yeah.  Meanwhile, I have some iPhone photos from my nephew's wedding last weekend.  I took a few pictures there too, but alas- photo processing.  Well, I will be changing that soon.  :)

Last time I let the blog go a couple years ago, we all know what happened......  not good.

So, though I am not a very superstitious person, I feel like I need to interrupt that possibility!  :)  hehe

Jon, Sarah and Emily
So enjoy my photos of my lovely family- it was a super fun weekend.  Hey- you know what??  People in Milwaukee area dress up for weddings!  This event had no one in camo, blue jeans, blaze orange- no casual dress at all.  It was a refreshing change.  I am not dissing our northwoods for the more casual atmosphere, as that is our jam, but it was very pleasant.  AND I have to say that this was a wedding with several military folks, including the groom and his brother.... and a whole lot of firefighters, which also includes the groom.  They were adorable.

Bill, Rosie and I
It was so nice to see my seester-Rose and her hubby Bill, and Emily.  Plus my brother and his wife as well.  Just such a nice day.

Bill, Rose, Emily, Darlene and Bobby 

Anyway, I hope that you all have a joyful weekend!!  :)