Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Photos - 5/29 Graduation day and spring flowers are kicking in!

Sunday photos for this week are made up of a lot of flower pictures, some cloud photos and a miscellaneous graduation photo or two.  We sort of had sun, definitely rain and it has been somewhat warm.  Kind of.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the week.

I post regularly to a website called which is a photo site that features the photographers and scenes from  Wisconsin.  It is a really great website and I highly recommend browsing through the pictures there.  And VOTE by clicking the "dig" button above each pix.  There is a contest that is finishing up tonight for macro-photography of flowers.  This is partly why there are so many flowers- and because it is finally sort of spring-like and they are coming right along!!  Yay for spring!

Alpine Columbine

My favorite tree!  Leafing out
Yellow Primrose

Geranium cinereum "Purple Pillow"

Tiarella flowers

Bee ready for your Closeup!!  

Alpine flower
Silent, still evening

Pretty in pink

Striped beauty

Sensual yellow tulip

Clouds over Butternut Lake

Moody peach thunderheads

Crab apple blossoms

Ghost house in green

It's an Oswald thing

Casualty of the storm

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day, Brewer's game and tail-gating-- Yahoo!

Other than the little minor issue of driving into a black storm front not just once, but twice today, it really was an awesome weekend.  Btw, Mother Nature, we would all appreciate a break in the rain and storms.  Ok?  Now that we have that settled!

I drove down to Janesville on Friday afternoon, leaving directly after school- actually almost beating the students out of the parking lot!  I "can" leave at 3:30 and Friday, I did.  I am reading the book, "The 19th Wife" by David Ebershoff for our book club selection, and since I was not getting it read at home, I decided to download it and listen to it on the way south.
Very engaging book, disturbing subject matter- at least to me.

 Great idea on my part, because in spite of being very tired by the 3rd hour of driving, the book kept me engaged and the trip went quickly.  I stayed with my darling son Jon, and my delightful d-i-l Sarah, at their very cute house!  They already have some good garden growth in their tiny little garden!  There is garlic, onions, beans, tomatoes...
Barely visible, yet there!
Tomatoes and teeny strawberry

Saturday, though it started off raining, we were able to walk over to a shopping area where I got $1 flip-flops and a nice, big, luscious cup of Mocha Light from my favorite big chain store coffee shop- Starbucks.  Let's all give a little thank you in our hearts for Starbucks.....  mmmmmm.

 From there we strolled through the neighborhood where there was a city-wide garage sale day!  What fun!  I found one little set of cups, saucers, plates and tiny little bowls decorated with thistle imagery.  So cute!  I plan to hold onto those bowls, maybe the cups and who knows what will happen to the rest--  Lola has an idea, though.  She has been reminding me of my promise for a companion almost daily.  Patience, my dear!!
Lola in the late afternoon post storm sun
Thistle dishware
After that lovely distraction, we had to get to business and pack the car for the trip to Milwaukee!  I got a ticket and trip to the Brewer's game on Saturday night for their game against the Rockies as a Mother's Day present.  YAY! Grill, charcoal, brats, fruit salad, beverages, cooler, chairs.... and a quick trip to the store for a few needs.  Before we went to the stadium, we met the Mad-middleson, Greg, and his lovely gf, Sarah, at Grandma's place.  Grandma lives in Muskego at a really nice assisted living complex, called Tudor Oaks.  I keep thinking it would be a good place to live, great digs and nice perks!
Grandma and the grandkids

Momma and me
We visited with her for over an hour before having to drive over to Greg's place, to fetch the rest of the tail-gater supplies, including Greg's home brewed beer.  Unfortunately did NOT get to stop over at Brother Ed's place, which is nearby (sorry, Ed).  That is too bad, as we do not see each other nearly often enough.
Yeah, baby- watering cans from Greg (left) and the Barber (right)
The Mad Accountant doesn't  think I should plant perennials in this!??! From Greg

So after Greg showed me some rummage sale finds that HE got- some of it for me- we were all off to the game.  I had to laugh at the precision and single minded purposefulness of the people parking in that lot and setting up their little party areas!  It was quite an amazing thing, suddenly there was a parking lot full of grills, chairs, tables and many, many coolers.  I am still visually amused by it, can't describe it very well.  And my children were right in there with the best of them!  We had really great brats, chips, fruit, etc. and of course the beer.

Jon trying to use the "bottle opener" on his sandal! Not so good.

I adored being in that parking lot, it was a  hoot.  AND it managed not to rain.  I love the pix I got of the park and its incredibly interesting roof.  We proceeded into the game and had seats that were just to the right of home plate a bit, sort of tucked under something- another level I guess.  We sat down and eventually struck up a conversation with people who were next to us and in front of us- one group from Medford and one from Wausau!  Funny!  We all managed to be nice to the Medford people and not make fun of them- you  know, for being from Medford.  Not that we have anything in particular against them, just a school rivalry thing....  Things never change, even if they are no longer in our conference.

So the Brewers WON- YAY- and there were a couple home runs and it really was exciting for a baseball game.  The margarita I had was pretty darn good and the secret peanuts (you'll have to ask Sarah about that) were wonderful.  I think it was the atmosphere that made them so good.

And the cleanup pitcher cleaned up!  WIN

Jon and Sarah

Sarah, Greg, me and Jon

Greg, me Jon and Sarah

And the Brewer's hot dog won the sausage race!  Even though the Chiorozo led the entire race- might have been rigged!!  :)
What is not to like about racing sausages?

So after a good night's sleep and a mostly pleasant drive home, I got a text message just as I entered Price county- severe thunderstorm warning!  (Thanks to Channel 9) So I drove purposefully home and beat the storm by about 5 minutes.  And it was pretty vicious out there for a little while, more trees down in the woods, power out around the area, but it is all calm and intermittently clear.
I found some little surprises around the yard- including amazing clouds, baby leaves and miniature irises.
Baby leaves

Amazing cloud formation through the baby leaves

Mini iris
 These days are to be treasured, find your joy in them!

Funny barrel man!
 Until next time, weather those storms with grace and resilience.

Sunday photos - 5/22

Mom and me
Phew, I am one tired mad-person!  It has been a busy couple weeks and I am ready to stay home for a while.  Had a wonderful weekend visiting the southern part of the state and tail-gating for the first time.  But that will be a post of it's own!

There were big changes in just a couple of days here at the Ponderosa- actual leaves, long, long grass. Not that I was here to record it!!  So, that will come later.
Some beauty from the week.....

Wild flowers
Baby fronds

Marsh Marigolds

What's around the corner...

Miller Park

Until next time, find the beauty and joy in your life!  Life is too short not to.