Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday photos - 5/22

Mom and me
Phew, I am one tired mad-person!  It has been a busy couple weeks and I am ready to stay home for a while.  Had a wonderful weekend visiting the southern part of the state and tail-gating for the first time.  But that will be a post of it's own!

There were big changes in just a couple of days here at the Ponderosa- actual leaves, long, long grass. Not that I was here to record it!!  So, that will come later.
Some beauty from the week.....

Wild flowers
Baby fronds

Marsh Marigolds

What's around the corner...

Miller Park

Until next time, find the beauty and joy in your life!  Life is too short not to.

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  1. What a beautiful spring you are having! I particularly like the "big sky" picture and the one from Miller Park.