Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finished advertising projects

Wow, these came out way better than I ever imagined.

My ITunes advertising project turned out so well, the kids have so much energy in them, and they really have achieved the contrast and design that I urged them toward today.  I told them when they have so much random patterning in the background, they need to have design and control in their silhouettes, if they decide to do anything in the inner part.  I also talked about how if there isn't a lot of contrast between foreground and background, they should find a way to emphasize the difference through outline.

Excellent results and mass excitement!

Making a glue border to glitterize!

Gotta flip this baby!
 Here are some shots of finished works-

 A lot of jumping for joy going on here!!

These were fun!  I am missing a few, need to get the rest tomorrow!

Find your joy and then JUMP!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer school in full swing- edited and updated

My unexpected gift this summer has certainly been summer school.  I did not expect to be so happy during my 4 hour day teaching instead of lounging at home!  Here is a little of what we have been up to lately.  We finished the self portraits and they are hanging in the cafeteria.  I realize when looking at photos that I have neglected to take final photos of them, so I will do that tomorrow.  Here are a few with their backgrounds almost complete, or completed.  It was a very successful project!  I will edit this post tomorrow and include some new photos.

The next big project is going to be some full length body silhouettes in the style of ITune ads.  It is always good to make children aware of advertising and how they use certain techniques to catch their attention and make them want what is being sold!  So we are doing some silhouettes with fancy backgrounds (again) and they will be "selling" some type of item, in their hands, or on their body in some way- like head phones, a t-shirt, shoes, etc.  This is a big project, using lots of paper and eventually paint.  I traced a lot of the kids' shapes, as you will see!

 The little kids are watercoloring color "explosions" and will use their imaginations to find pictures in the shapes- update to follow!

I go home and do not get up for at least an hour!  whew!
Some nearly completed projects! - Notice the one on the left, it is a pilots chair in a helicopter!  

1st grader

1st grader

Not quite finished!
Here are the finished portraits:

The older kids are doing large silhouettes- here they are cutting out the body shape and me doing some tracing

Cutting out body shapes

Me tracing a child

Working hard

This shouldn't tickle a bit!

Dramatic pose!
The kids doing some painting on their backgrounds- they really got into it! 

 Speaking of getting into it, there is a person who shares my room in the afternoon- who shall remain nameless- who got himself into the paint of the backgrounds as they were hanging up to dry.  Little did he know that the art room is hazardous to your wardrobe!  Hehehe.  Duck!  Art!  :)

The little kids were doing an imagination picture using watercolor and markers.  Then with the leftover time - making pictures out of wooden shapes!  Wow, there is a lot of creativity going on, you can see it buzzing around in the air!!

Busy hands and minds

Sharing ideas


Until tomorrow, be a joy giver!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Cabin and supper from the garden

We had a wonderful supper last night that was 80% grown in our garden.  There were Chiogga beets, green beans, brussel sprouts, new potatoes, summer squash, red onion, garlic and Thai basil.  Plus I picked some lettuce, baby kale and dill, but decided a salad was going to be just too much!  Add to that a grilled ear of corn from the corn and tomato guy and a  chicken brat (1/2) and a burger for the Mad-Accountant and you have a great and filling meal.

I made the beans, beets and potatoes plain, but sauted the brussel sprouts, onion, garlic and summer squash with some Thai basil for a simple stirfry, plus cooked and then grilled the corn.  Add a bit of light sour cream, whipped butter and seasoned salt- yumo!

Raw ingredients


finished product- wish the potatoes hadn't mushed!

Supper!  Couldn't finish it.
 Here is the latest on the little cabin in the woods- the ceiling is complete.  All those boards between the logs were applied, and then filled with foamy stuff and the edges are filled with chinking.

Ceiling, loft and "kitchen" cabinets.

Long day

Franklin stove with stonework backing
Interesting how some of us can keep our cabin up and has problems putting their coat away at home!  Hmmmm.

Until next time, find your joys at home, even if they DON'T put their coat away!  :)

Sundays photos- a plethora of great shots

Sunday had so many nice pictures that I thought it deserved it's own separate posting!

Noisy Sandhill crane!

Blue stockings Monarda

White spider on yellow lily

Daylily in late afternoon

Grasses seed head

Sandhill pair

native rudbeckia

Summer path

Calm evening

Smith Lake (Flambeau River flowage)


mossy rocks

Old white pine

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of Sunday photos!  Maybe you found a little joy!