Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Cabin and supper from the garden

We had a wonderful supper last night that was 80% grown in our garden.  There were Chiogga beets, green beans, brussel sprouts, new potatoes, summer squash, red onion, garlic and Thai basil.  Plus I picked some lettuce, baby kale and dill, but decided a salad was going to be just too much!  Add to that a grilled ear of corn from the corn and tomato guy and a  chicken brat (1/2) and a burger for the Mad-Accountant and you have a great and filling meal.

I made the beans, beets and potatoes plain, but sauted the brussel sprouts, onion, garlic and summer squash with some Thai basil for a simple stirfry, plus cooked and then grilled the corn.  Add a bit of light sour cream, whipped butter and seasoned salt- yumo!

Raw ingredients


finished product- wish the potatoes hadn't mushed!

Supper!  Couldn't finish it.
 Here is the latest on the little cabin in the woods- the ceiling is complete.  All those boards between the logs were applied, and then filled with foamy stuff and the edges are filled with chinking.

Ceiling, loft and "kitchen" cabinets.

Long day

Franklin stove with stonework backing
Interesting how some of us can keep our cabin up and has problems putting their coat away at home!  Hmmmm.

Until next time, find your joys at home, even if they DON'T put their coat away!  :)


  1. I'm SO jealous! How do you have all of that produce already???

  2. Neat, Debi! The MA is doing a wonderful job with the cabin... apparently not so much when it comes to his coat.

  3. Hey Deb, I remember you and Fred from my days in P.F. I'm Mel's (from Upnorthwithmel) sister Cheryl. I found you through her blog and am your newest follower. I also have a blog just click my name.
    'hugs from afar'

  4. So I'm guessing the chicken brat wasn't homegrown...otherwise I want a cutting from your chicken brat bush! He-he!