Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer school in full swing- edited and updated

My unexpected gift this summer has certainly been summer school.  I did not expect to be so happy during my 4 hour day teaching instead of lounging at home!  Here is a little of what we have been up to lately.  We finished the self portraits and they are hanging in the cafeteria.  I realize when looking at photos that I have neglected to take final photos of them, so I will do that tomorrow.  Here are a few with their backgrounds almost complete, or completed.  It was a very successful project!  I will edit this post tomorrow and include some new photos.

The next big project is going to be some full length body silhouettes in the style of ITune ads.  It is always good to make children aware of advertising and how they use certain techniques to catch their attention and make them want what is being sold!  So we are doing some silhouettes with fancy backgrounds (again) and they will be "selling" some type of item, in their hands, or on their body in some way- like head phones, a t-shirt, shoes, etc.  This is a big project, using lots of paper and eventually paint.  I traced a lot of the kids' shapes, as you will see!

 The little kids are watercoloring color "explosions" and will use their imaginations to find pictures in the shapes- update to follow!

I go home and do not get up for at least an hour!  whew!
Some nearly completed projects! - Notice the one on the left, it is a pilots chair in a helicopter!  

1st grader

1st grader

Not quite finished!
Here are the finished portraits:

The older kids are doing large silhouettes- here they are cutting out the body shape and me doing some tracing

Cutting out body shapes

Me tracing a child

Working hard

This shouldn't tickle a bit!

Dramatic pose!
The kids doing some painting on their backgrounds- they really got into it! 

 Speaking of getting into it, there is a person who shares my room in the afternoon- who shall remain nameless- who got himself into the paint of the backgrounds as they were hanging up to dry.  Little did he know that the art room is hazardous to your wardrobe!  Hehehe.  Duck!  Art!  :)

The little kids were doing an imagination picture using watercolor and markers.  Then with the leftover time - making pictures out of wooden shapes!  Wow, there is a lot of creativity going on, you can see it buzzing around in the air!!

Busy hands and minds

Sharing ideas


Until tomorrow, be a joy giver!!


  1. I'm so glad that you're having a great time at Summer School! I love the self-portraits and I look forward to tomorrow's pics. I REALLY love that you are teaching them about art and advertising. Kids (and adults) need to be aware of how advertising works! I think this is a super valuable lesson for any age. Are the older kids doing itunes-esque things as well?

  2. Very cool ~ it looks like summer school rocks ~ at least in your class! Love the self portraits and can't wait to see tomorrows updates. I think it's so sweet that you called summer school your unexpected gift this summer ~ that's a sign of a good teacher in my book :)

  3. All the kids seem to be having a fun time... and the teacher, too! Some of the self portraits are really pretty good. It must give you a warm n' fuzzy feeling to bring out the creativity in the kids. Bless you for what you do!

  4. Looks like all the kiddies are having a great time on some super projects! Kid's art always holds a charm that generally gets lost later, as realism starts to dominate. Too fun!

  5. You are livening up that school, with both your kid's art and your presence. Love it!