Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another month almost done!

I feel terribly neglectful of my blog..... but this is what happens to me at this time of the year!

I have scenery painting after school, then I MUST go to the gym and then I have to catch up on my loseit logging for the day, look briefly at facebook, play a few WWF games and then collapse in bed and start all over again.  There isn't much time to do anything else.

I have been working with the kiddos on the Wizard of Oz scenery and it is progressing pretty well.  I seem to have fewer kids right now than usual, but they seem to be trickling in a few at a time.  I might have to start staying later and rearrange my workout schedule. :(  But it will be ok, as I WILL get in my time under and above barbells and dumbbells.  The color green is going to give me overload soon, but that is to be expected.  I am looking forward to the color green outside, tho!

I am THRILLED to say that I PRed on my bench press again last night!!!!  WOOO HOOOOOO!!!  140# baby!!!  There are good things to come in that regard!

It has totally motivated me towards a goal that I will share later.

Anyway, with everything else this has been a busy few weeks that is going to continue into March.
Which is already almost upon us- and we are half way through the 3rd quarter!  wowza

Anyway, I have to press on here this morning!  Have a good one people!  As always- be a joy giver and give those joy stealers something to complain about!!  ALWAYS smile at them- it'll drive them insane!  hehehehe- try it, it totally WORKS!  ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Soapy thoughts and watery musings

I had originally written steamy thoughts and watery musings, but that sounded decidedly inappropriate!  And not at all how I want this post to sound, but it got your attention I bet!  :)  

I was thinking today while trying to keep the soap out of my eyes about several things that have to do with this week.

  • Sounds like the snowstorm that people have been rumbling about should not happen this weekend, which is great because I just don't want to stay home this weekend!  I am looking forward to seeing the kids, the sister and perhaps my mom if she is doing well enough for my lovely sister in law to bring along!  Woo hoo!
  • I have a short week, sort of, at school.  We have a half day of kids on Thursday and no kids Friday.  Unfortunately, we have lovely inservice meetings when we have no kids.....  boo.
  • I am working on some technology stuff on Tuesday afternoon, which will be really, really great but I am always worried about how everything will turn out.  Kinda feel a bit of pressure about this!  
  • I have been over-thinking my food these days and I have to stop it.  I need to be way more in tune to my exercise and not so much to what I eat.  I need to stay busy. (HA, as if I am not busy) I need to stop eating chocolate so much, but it will NEVER be eliminated from my life.  Balance and control.  Something the mad art teacher is not really adept at.  And I still have a few squishy parts that will be addressed as soon as the play is over and the sun stays out longer and maybe it won't be quite as stupidly cold!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my tile in my shower and bathroom- it is the best money I have (lol- we have) ever spent.  And don't get me started on the over head heater.  Isn't it weird how a bathroom can make life so much richer.  LOL.  If you never had an ugly pink bathroom that is the coldest room in the house, you can't be judging!!
  • GUESS WHAT!  It is sort of light out at 6:30!!  Things are looking up!
I need to get off this computer and get ready for work!!  (that is not a shower thought, but is the truth.)

AND here I am at school and I forgot to post this, so I am taking 2 seconds to do that.  Have a wonderful joyful day!

Until next time, be a joy giver!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random neuron firings and other lies I tell myself

I had a list of notes of things that I thought were important for me to talk about on this blog on Saturday morning.  So -  today they all seem a little bit ....meh....  BUT I have had a request for more blog posts, so away we go!

I had a really nice time with Adam on our trip to Hayward, got some goodies, planned to make a little dessert thing- a vegan peanut butter cup dessert- but I just ran out of ambition and frankly did not have the stupid graham crackers for the crust part.  WHY do I clean out my cupboards and then am surprised when i don't have the 2 year old crackers that had been sitting there for .... well, two years.  I say that every so often- WHY did I clean out my....... insert one or all- closet, shelf, drawer, car....  well, because I couldn't stand it one minute longer, but then I have this sort of thing happen.  I think we all need an extra house to put the stuff in we don't have room for in ours any more, but we think we MIGHT need it someday, but we are not sure.  I am positive the children will LOVE cleaning THAT out some day.  So, fine, the extra house will not happen... but you know what I mean.  And food can't be a part of that house, because that won't be a good idea.  And what if that house is better than the one you live in?  You know, better stuff??  HAHAHA I think I should be going to sleep, I am apparently delirious.

SO- Valentines Day, which is usually a bitter disappointment, was a big surprise!  Who KNEW!!!  I wonder if I really deserved all this floral attention, but deserve or not, I LOVE IT!!  Seriously, don't give me the whole "flowers don't last" baloney, they rock my world.  If you want to be a Darla downer ( I never use the saying "debbie downer", because that is just sick and wrong), that is your issue, just don't spew those lies to ME!  We all know that flowers are fabulous, whether cut and in a vase or gleefully blooming outside in my gardens. And in case you didn't notice- it was freaking -18 the last 2 days and we know that nothing will be blooming for a while!  Much "floratude" (gratitude for the flora) is in the air.  And I am working hard to make everything last as long as possible, because that is my gig!

Along the lines of plants, I am really excited at the prospect of ordering seeds soon. Though I am not going to try to start a lot of seeds indoors, I am going to start a few heirloom tomato varieties because they are better than the standard ones around here.  But I want to raise and freeze a bunch of things such as kale, beet greens, chard, etc.  Going to stuff as much into that  garden as possible!  We just don't have access to great greens in the winter up here, the grocery store doesn't have a lot in that regard.  The solution is to raise my own!

Next weekend is going to be a fun one, if the weather holds.  Going to go to Janesville for the baby shower!  I have the gift here and ready to go....  so I plan to go unless all hell breaks loose.  AND it sounds like my Mad-seester is going to be there too!  YAY!!!!!!   Jeez I love that girl. I am slightly sad to know that I do not have the comfort of knowing that I could go and look at my old home if I wanted to, it is still freaking me out to know that it is gone.  I will adjust but it will take a while.  I have found that I am worried about my own house here burning down now- I am so irrational sometimes, but I can't help it.

In other news, I am thinking I want to finish this up so I can play word with friends and then get ready for school tomorrow.

And RANDOM THING- I have the song about a guy thrift shopping in my brain- part of my dancey dance play list from my awesome Samarathon!  I'm gunna pop some tags....  Lol.  I have interesting brain music, let me tell you.  This is the clean version of that song.... ;)

I had written some notes to myself for this post- which was going to be like 2 or 3 posts, but you know that whole ..... meh..... thing-  HOWEVER, I must have been thinking deeply Saturday morning because this was among my little messages to myself:

life - potential

Now, isn't that an interesting little message to ones' self??  I will have to ponder that cryptic little note that could almost be a haiku, but there isn't enough syllables.  I can't even consider the possibilities right now.
Time for sleep, kids, the Mad-Art teacher needs to be on her A game tomorrow, long day ahead- kids, classes, pottery, stage crew and scenery painting (I should have ordered paint- rats!), quick back weight lifting and dance class.  whew! THAT is a 7 am - 7:45 pm sort of a day.  Is it Friday yet??

Until next time- be a joy giver.  And find a little bit of sunshine in your day.  muah!

Chippewa River Photos

I do have about 2 other posts I want to do today, but I have to get the house straightened up, and get ready to get to the gym in a little bit.  However, these photos took precedence over all of these things!  I went to Hayward to check out the little Health food store over there, and it was just generally a good excuse to drive somewhere on a gloriously sunny day.  I went with my friend and colleague, Adam, a fellow vegetarian and general good sport who will put up with my shenanigans and seriously attention deficit line of conversation and actions.  And he even ENCOURAGES it, so he is a great traveling companion.  While driving on County B in the middle of heaven knows where, we came across the Chippewa River bridge and it was a heads-turn-together moment and we simultaneously expel the words "DID YOU SEE THAT?"  "LET'S TURN AROUND!"
So turn around I did and we took a few pix off the bridge, I of course, this morning, went off on a tangent and edited my little fingers off, including several versions of one pic to make a few abstracts and then a black and white or two.  So much fun!

And for the record, I have investigated 4 natural/healthfood/organic specialty stores in the area and so far Golden Harvest in Rhinelander is the clear winner, closely followed by the Chequamegon Food Coop in Ashland. (I'll say that the Ashland location is so close as to be a virtual tie- especially with the trifecta of fabulousness of the co-op, the Black Cat and the Bakery right there)  I have a lead on a store just off the freeway in Madison by HoJo's and  East Towne that might need to be looked at, not to mention the very cute place in Janesville.  We will see how much time we get next weekend (we?????  that would be just me!) to check out the Janesville store, whose name escapes me right now.... but I know where it is!

Anyway, I digress, here are some really nice pix from Saturday's sunny, tho very very cold glory.

 Glad we went this weekend, as next weekend is the famous Birkebeiner and I don't think that casual shopping would be a particularly easy thing to do!!

Until next time, find your joy in this sunny, cold, lovely weekend.

Remember, sweetie, Spring is Coming!  ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello sunshine..

This says it all..........................

life is good

and this.............................

I have more to say- later!!  

Be a joy giver kids!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Wednesday....

I don't have any outstanding things to report- nothing earthshaking, inspiring, sad, thrilling or any other extended emotional diatribe.

It is WEDNSDAY, and as usual I am happy to have made it through Tuesday intact.  Tuesday is a hard day for me.  So, being only somewhat exhausted today is a win.  I have been working with the High School kids getting the scenery painting started, it has been an interesting beginning........

But regardless, I have been to the gym, and I am physically tired thanks to the usual workouts plus the addition of pushups and burpees and kettle bell swings.  oy.

In school we are almost to the end of our clay unit, though I suspect that the kids would enjoy continuing on with it for a few more weeks.  I have enthusiastic clay artists this year, which is so much fun.

I have gotten some pictures lately, but not nearly as many as I would like.

I am starting to get my maintenance issues figured out, and am doing a pretty good job of fueling my workouts.  We shall see what today brings with good old leg day- #givemestrength

This may be a sort of non event of a post, but we can't have thrills and chills everytime, right?

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day- we are having a day of working with technology all day long.  In a more creative and intuitive way.  There are people, both STUDENTS and maybe an adult or two, who are all negative about this.  I think they should maybe give it a chance and see what happens. I swear sometimes the kids are more close-minded than older people.  Maybe it is their young brains rebelling at the thought of stepping outside of their semi-comatose school day norm....  Lol, who knows.  But it is true! Snap OUT of it people!!  Enjoy the change!

Oh hey and rumor has it that it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, not that I will do anything but gather and give away some less than healthful candy items and some very cute Valentines cards (I won't give away the cards- no worries) .....  Tax season and Valentines Day do not add up to anything special for the Mad-Art Teacher.......  Hmph.

So, anyway, that's all for today, I hope to do a photo post soon, when I have a little more time.  I have to gather my stuff and get ready for work.

Have a lovely day and be a JOY GIVER today!  and everyday!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

AND I surprised myself today!

I like to do my chest lifting workout on Sunday mornings, now, because I feel pretty strong in the mornings and also I have 2 (and sometimes 4!) wonderful  people who are willing to spot me and get me through those last few reps.  That and a new weight lifting program has helped my strength training TREMENDOUSLY, so I go into my workouts with some confidence.

Today, my arms and shoulders were a little achy, so I was thinking I would be going with lots of reps at light weight, as my left shoulder in particular was being a little cranky.  Well, my whole personality was anxious and cranky at the beginning of the day, for no real reason that is discernible, but that is beside the point.  That was mostly between me, myself and I - no one really knew that but me.....and maybe myself and someone else.....  Anywho, I went into the gym with confidence and no real huge expectations and just a touch of attitude.  There was great music on the radio and some but not tons of people and it was a good vibe.

So, Lori and Al were getting ready for bench pressing, so I worked in on Lori's side and did really well at the low weights and then I realized I was loosening up and feeling good, so I went to one rep for each weight as the weight got heavier- so I could go for the highest I could manage.  Lori's weights were bumped up quickly, and soon I did one that felt pretty heavy and I did it SO easy.  And when I asked what the weight was and Lori said 135- I had just PRed!!!!  YEAH baby!!!!! So we were working quickly and I was obviously not finished, and we had someone work into one of the the benches with us and so we switched to the other side and I was sort of surprised to see an extra 10 on each side instead of 5.  I didn't even hesitate- I just went for it.  I failed out about half way up- and I was SO close to pressing 155!!!  I CAN'T say I ever expected in my life to be able to bench that, and I see it is sooo close!  There was a lot of jumping around and hugging.....  I am so thrilled.  I was told that I didn't develop that strength today, that it was there.  I just needed my mind to catch up with it. (thanks Herman for the wise words!) Lori, Al, Lynne and Herman- you all rock!!  THANKS for being there with me.

I went on to really hit the rest of my workout hard, I did really well on the incline bench with barbells, and had to stay light with the dumbbells as I was totally spent.  I did go on to finish strong with the flyes and all....  I was sort of floating on air.

I have said I am reinventing myself all the time and it remains true still. I am so amazed that I can do this kind of thing.  who knew? I find out all the time that I need to not put up mental barriers.  I need to think I can and not assume I can't.  Life is a mental game- can't let you psych yourself out!!

And rediscovering this is such a joy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

another bullet list of junk...... I need to shoot some pix

Alright, people- I need to be stopped. WHAT is with these bullet point lists??  Have I run out of enough to say that I actually can't write a paragraph??

 I might need a more exciting life- or I'll tell you, a warmer one!!

a. I have had exactly one beer and I can't focus

b. I love black and white movies- the composition and costuming is incredible.

c. The Maltese Falcon is awesome!

d. I had a good class today at school- wow- I can't even think about all the implications and possible interpretations of that statement.  CPR class, and first aide.

e.  It is definitely possible to be totally irreverent during a class like that and not say a word- out loud that is.

f. I am really good at rescue breathing!  :D  yes go there!

g. Did I mention I have had a beer before I wrote this??

h. um, let's see, I really do need to take pictures, I am feeling at loose ends.  I need to spend some quality time hunched over my computer editing and trying to jam everything I want to do in a short amount of time.

i. I think I should probably go to bed...

IN other news, I have found a great high protein thing called tempeh.  It is a soy product and I really like it. It fills me up.

I also found out the joys of Nutritional yeast, that is really good!  Vit. B12 AND it is sort of cheesy tasting. I can't explain it, I just like it.

Maintenance is going actually pretty well this week. I feel much better about it, and I am really trying to not think about what the heck I am going to eat every minute of my life!  I keep expecting it to get easier and yet, not always the case.

Ok, so next time I am doing a real live paragraph post- unless it is a photo post, in which case it will have a paragraph, just not several.....  like some of my most read ones have.....  and that seems to give me a whole lot of joy.

Until next ime, be a joy giver!