Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chippewa River Photos

I do have about 2 other posts I want to do today, but I have to get the house straightened up, and get ready to get to the gym in a little bit.  However, these photos took precedence over all of these things!  I went to Hayward to check out the little Health food store over there, and it was just generally a good excuse to drive somewhere on a gloriously sunny day.  I went with my friend and colleague, Adam, a fellow vegetarian and general good sport who will put up with my shenanigans and seriously attention deficit line of conversation and actions.  And he even ENCOURAGES it, so he is a great traveling companion.  While driving on County B in the middle of heaven knows where, we came across the Chippewa River bridge and it was a heads-turn-together moment and we simultaneously expel the words "DID YOU SEE THAT?"  "LET'S TURN AROUND!"
So turn around I did and we took a few pix off the bridge, I of course, this morning, went off on a tangent and edited my little fingers off, including several versions of one pic to make a few abstracts and then a black and white or two.  So much fun!

And for the record, I have investigated 4 natural/healthfood/organic specialty stores in the area and so far Golden Harvest in Rhinelander is the clear winner, closely followed by the Chequamegon Food Coop in Ashland. (I'll say that the Ashland location is so close as to be a virtual tie- especially with the trifecta of fabulousness of the co-op, the Black Cat and the Bakery right there)  I have a lead on a store just off the freeway in Madison by HoJo's and  East Towne that might need to be looked at, not to mention the very cute place in Janesville.  We will see how much time we get next weekend (we?????  that would be just me!) to check out the Janesville store, whose name escapes me right now.... but I know where it is!

Anyway, I digress, here are some really nice pix from Saturday's sunny, tho very very cold glory.

 Glad we went this weekend, as next weekend is the famous Birkebeiner and I don't think that casual shopping would be a particularly easy thing to do!!

Until next time, find your joy in this sunny, cold, lovely weekend.

Remember, sweetie, Spring is Coming!  ;)

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