Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random neuron firings and other lies I tell myself

I had a list of notes of things that I thought were important for me to talk about on this blog on Saturday morning.  So -  today they all seem a little bit ....meh....  BUT I have had a request for more blog posts, so away we go!

I had a really nice time with Adam on our trip to Hayward, got some goodies, planned to make a little dessert thing- a vegan peanut butter cup dessert- but I just ran out of ambition and frankly did not have the stupid graham crackers for the crust part.  WHY do I clean out my cupboards and then am surprised when i don't have the 2 year old crackers that had been sitting there for .... well, two years.  I say that every so often- WHY did I clean out my....... insert one or all- closet, shelf, drawer, car....  well, because I couldn't stand it one minute longer, but then I have this sort of thing happen.  I think we all need an extra house to put the stuff in we don't have room for in ours any more, but we think we MIGHT need it someday, but we are not sure.  I am positive the children will LOVE cleaning THAT out some day.  So, fine, the extra house will not happen... but you know what I mean.  And food can't be a part of that house, because that won't be a good idea.  And what if that house is better than the one you live in?  You know, better stuff??  HAHAHA I think I should be going to sleep, I am apparently delirious.

SO- Valentines Day, which is usually a bitter disappointment, was a big surprise!  Who KNEW!!!  I wonder if I really deserved all this floral attention, but deserve or not, I LOVE IT!!  Seriously, don't give me the whole "flowers don't last" baloney, they rock my world.  If you want to be a Darla downer ( I never use the saying "debbie downer", because that is just sick and wrong), that is your issue, just don't spew those lies to ME!  We all know that flowers are fabulous, whether cut and in a vase or gleefully blooming outside in my gardens. And in case you didn't notice- it was freaking -18 the last 2 days and we know that nothing will be blooming for a while!  Much "floratude" (gratitude for the flora) is in the air.  And I am working hard to make everything last as long as possible, because that is my gig!

Along the lines of plants, I am really excited at the prospect of ordering seeds soon. Though I am not going to try to start a lot of seeds indoors, I am going to start a few heirloom tomato varieties because they are better than the standard ones around here.  But I want to raise and freeze a bunch of things such as kale, beet greens, chard, etc.  Going to stuff as much into that  garden as possible!  We just don't have access to great greens in the winter up here, the grocery store doesn't have a lot in that regard.  The solution is to raise my own!

Next weekend is going to be a fun one, if the weather holds.  Going to go to Janesville for the baby shower!  I have the gift here and ready to go....  so I plan to go unless all hell breaks loose.  AND it sounds like my Mad-seester is going to be there too!  YAY!!!!!!   Jeez I love that girl. I am slightly sad to know that I do not have the comfort of knowing that I could go and look at my old home if I wanted to, it is still freaking me out to know that it is gone.  I will adjust but it will take a while.  I have found that I am worried about my own house here burning down now- I am so irrational sometimes, but I can't help it.

In other news, I am thinking I want to finish this up so I can play word with friends and then get ready for school tomorrow.

And RANDOM THING- I have the song about a guy thrift shopping in my brain- part of my dancey dance play list from my awesome Samarathon!  I'm gunna pop some tags....  Lol.  I have interesting brain music, let me tell you.  This is the clean version of that song.... ;)

I had written some notes to myself for this post- which was going to be like 2 or 3 posts, but you know that whole ..... meh..... thing-  HOWEVER, I must have been thinking deeply Saturday morning because this was among my little messages to myself:

life - potential

Now, isn't that an interesting little message to ones' self??  I will have to ponder that cryptic little note that could almost be a haiku, but there isn't enough syllables.  I can't even consider the possibilities right now.
Time for sleep, kids, the Mad-Art teacher needs to be on her A game tomorrow, long day ahead- kids, classes, pottery, stage crew and scenery painting (I should have ordered paint- rats!), quick back weight lifting and dance class.  whew! THAT is a 7 am - 7:45 pm sort of a day.  Is it Friday yet??

Until next time- be a joy giver.  And find a little bit of sunshine in your day.  muah!

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