Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another month almost done!

I feel terribly neglectful of my blog..... but this is what happens to me at this time of the year!

I have scenery painting after school, then I MUST go to the gym and then I have to catch up on my loseit logging for the day, look briefly at facebook, play a few WWF games and then collapse in bed and start all over again.  There isn't much time to do anything else.

I have been working with the kiddos on the Wizard of Oz scenery and it is progressing pretty well.  I seem to have fewer kids right now than usual, but they seem to be trickling in a few at a time.  I might have to start staying later and rearrange my workout schedule. :(  But it will be ok, as I WILL get in my time under and above barbells and dumbbells.  The color green is going to give me overload soon, but that is to be expected.  I am looking forward to the color green outside, tho!

I am THRILLED to say that I PRed on my bench press again last night!!!!  WOOO HOOOOOO!!!  140# baby!!!  There are good things to come in that regard!

It has totally motivated me towards a goal that I will share later.

Anyway, with everything else this has been a busy few weeks that is going to continue into March.
Which is already almost upon us- and we are half way through the 3rd quarter!  wowza

Anyway, I have to press on here this morning!  Have a good one people!  As always- be a joy giver and give those joy stealers something to complain about!!  ALWAYS smile at them- it'll drive them insane!  hehehehe- try it, it totally WORKS!  ;)

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