Saturday, February 2, 2013

another bullet list of junk...... I need to shoot some pix

Alright, people- I need to be stopped. WHAT is with these bullet point lists??  Have I run out of enough to say that I actually can't write a paragraph??

 I might need a more exciting life- or I'll tell you, a warmer one!!

a. I have had exactly one beer and I can't focus

b. I love black and white movies- the composition and costuming is incredible.

c. The Maltese Falcon is awesome!

d. I had a good class today at school- wow- I can't even think about all the implications and possible interpretations of that statement.  CPR class, and first aide.

e.  It is definitely possible to be totally irreverent during a class like that and not say a word- out loud that is.

f. I am really good at rescue breathing!  :D  yes go there!

g. Did I mention I have had a beer before I wrote this??

h. um, let's see, I really do need to take pictures, I am feeling at loose ends.  I need to spend some quality time hunched over my computer editing and trying to jam everything I want to do in a short amount of time.

i. I think I should probably go to bed...

IN other news, I have found a great high protein thing called tempeh.  It is a soy product and I really like it. It fills me up.

I also found out the joys of Nutritional yeast, that is really good!  Vit. B12 AND it is sort of cheesy tasting. I can't explain it, I just like it.

Maintenance is going actually pretty well this week. I feel much better about it, and I am really trying to not think about what the heck I am going to eat every minute of my life!  I keep expecting it to get easier and yet, not always the case.

Ok, so next time I am doing a real live paragraph post- unless it is a photo post, in which case it will have a paragraph, just not several.....  like some of my most read ones have.....  and that seems to give me a whole lot of joy.

Until next ime, be a joy giver!

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