Thursday, January 31, 2013


HEY!!! It is my half birthday- well, almost the end of my half birthday, but regardless. It IS!!!

So, what about it?

Not much. It was a fairly unremarkable day.

*Thursdays are really long
*I had to yell at a kid- a lot.  :(  that sux
*The day went super fast
*I got my hair trimmed and it looks so PURTY!  I <3 Nancy!
*I lifted weights in BEAST mode again.  I did shoulders, bis and tris.  I am starting to include squats, lunges, pushups and burpees in my routine.  Just have to identify what I want to do when.
* I have wonderful friends who help me out at every turn- and I think that I manage to assist them as well.
*I am tired and plan to sleep well tonight.
*I'm glad I wasn't the one who sprained my ankle!  (sorry, honey)
*I had a tiny little piece of cake today and it was awesome, so....
Happy half birthday to me!  :D

I am just happy to be half way to my birthday, because that occurs in the SUMMER baby.  And SUMMER is where my heart is right now.

Be a joy giver everyone!  Embrace the day and the life you have right now.  But it's ok to dream about summer and things that could be.

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