Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation found!!! Focus rezoomed!

Well, it is amazing what can happen in one short sleep time.  Lol, and for me sleep time is only about 5.5 hours, so I do mean short!

Last night when I was sleepy, I started thinking about something I had read online.

Instead of exercising to lose weight- Train for the look you want.

Hmmmm.  This was making me ponder possibilities.  I can imagine what I would like to look like, now that I know this is possible to have an idea other than "thinner".  I have a few areas that I would like to improve and a few others that still could stand to be thinner, even if I don't technically need to lose anymore actual poundage.

And so I had to send a quick thank you email to a friend who gave me a sample of some stuff I wanted to try out.  On a whim I asked her (and plan to ask a few more this) what she would do if she were thinking in this manner-  basically what would she do if she were me kind of thing.  She is a little younger than me, but NOT 25 or 30.  She has some similar old injury issues, but is a BAD ASS like you wouldn't believe.  She is a good person to discuss this with, she can identify with my situation of age and injury!  

So we have had a discussion about training for a look- and smashing some assumptions.  And I have a focus again!!!  I don't really need to go into the exact plan for this focus, as I have not quite worked out the details yet, but it will probably involve swimming, it will include biking and needs to involve some things that I am not comfortable with - not happy to have to do them - but I know that once I get going on it, I will be able to do it.  Of course it will ALWAYS include beast mode weight lifting!!  I will update you when I figure out my plan of attack.

It makes me VERY happy to have specific goals again.  I needed to have a mental outline to be able to go on with my fitness program and I am thrilled to have this in the works.  Like usual, once I began thinking outside of my own little personal box, I have found a way to grow and become a different me. Redefining myself again.  Being a little afraid is not comfortable, but I seem to thrive in those conditions!  I am ready.....  I am EXCITED!!!

I have found a new path in the woods to some joy!

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