Sunday, January 27, 2013

Need some motivation tonight- and a weird thing

I did a whole lot of stuff that didn't seem to add up to much this weekend.  

I did a whole slew of things on a list that did not even include the laundry and straightening and things like that.  I certainly made a lot of dishes for the little bit of cooking that I did.  Interestingly, I discovered that I have no less than 15 individual containers of lunch things in the two freezers- so for the next 3 weeks I do not and can not really, do a lot of cooking on the weekend.  I have at least 2 kinds of soup, a few baked rice, some red lentil sauce, some greens and beans and then there is some couscous and lentils, and cooked beans..... I think I am forgetting something, but you get the idea.  I made some  pickled beets, some fresh beet and carrot salad (to use up the whole beets that I buy ONLY for the beet greens) and a batch of hummus to use up the chickpeas I also discovered in my freezer.  Along with some baked tofu, I am set for a while!

I washed a big sinkful of dishes at least 4 times this weekend- and really that is the drawback of cooking.  However, the fresh food is worth it.  And good grief the clothes that I washed.  Last I checked there were only two of us living here. I wonder who is slipping their clothes into my laundry basket.  I think they need to stop, especially the little woman who gets all those workout clothes dirty.

I did go work out, I did some yoga, I snowshoed..... but the winter blah feeling has hit.  Not even a round of online shopping did much to help, and I didn't think that eating was going to help so I didn't.  I think I should probably go to bed!

At least I got some pictures taken, and I had a few great conversations via phone and on a device or two.  I think I should just call it a good if uneventful weekend and call it a night.  I do have that book club book that needs some reading and there is always a blog to pay attention to!  :)

I hope your weekend included some joy along with the ordinary weekend lack of excitement.  I guess sort of boring is ok sometimes.

And coming up this week:

Scenery painting commences. Stay tuned!

** weirdness in a stat
I occasionally check in on my stats for my blog and SO strange- my last blog post, my snowshoe post had 191 hits on it!  WHAT??  The most I ever have had before is like 48 or something like that.  VERY unusual. I wish there was a way to check out the specifics on that!  freaky! Ok  I'm officially mystified, but that's ok.

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