Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow-shoe baby!!!! Picture post

I LOVE to snow-shoe!!!  It is a fantastic exercise and it gives me the mode of transportation that is right up my alley- walking, nature, raising the heart-rate, as I go for the deeper snow, not any sort of trail.....  I don't listen to music when I snowshoe usually, as I like to listen to the woods and the sounds or lack there of.

I get my gear together which includes my camera and not as many clothes as when I go on the road.  The forest has much more cover and the terrain makes me warm fast- I have found an unexpected thing that is pretty awesome too!  My hiking boots that I purchased from eBay last year, ones that were slightly tight and a touch too small, are now PERFECT!  Who'd have ever thought that I would have skinny feet???  I also could get in and out of the snowshoes so much easier. Stronger legs?  More agility?  Just used to it?  Idk, but I was really pleasantly surprised just getting dressed and outfitted.
YAY for snowshoes!
Heading out
In the way-back field

It had snowed here a few days ago, so I had my little point and shoot camera with me, and depending on the weather I might take my SLR out today.  We will see what that next winter front is going to be doing.
And the walk is done

So here is a nice selection of lovely winter photos, including one kinda cool spooky full moon picture from Friday night.

spooky moon

Instagram sunrise

So to quote one of my favorite blogs in the world- Here is your pretty for the day, kittens.

I hope to add to the pretty later today!  And I WILL be finding some joy.

Until next time, be a joy giver, and remember - DON'T sweat the small stuff, and you guys, really, it is all pretty much small stuff.  ;)


  1. Doesn't snow just dress everything up? So beautiful. Is that YOUR log cabin? Love it.

    1. Thanks so much Kathryne! That is our cabin, the hubs built it himself. He amazes me even after all these years.