Sunday, February 3, 2013

AND I surprised myself today!

I like to do my chest lifting workout on Sunday mornings, now, because I feel pretty strong in the mornings and also I have 2 (and sometimes 4!) wonderful  people who are willing to spot me and get me through those last few reps.  That and a new weight lifting program has helped my strength training TREMENDOUSLY, so I go into my workouts with some confidence.

Today, my arms and shoulders were a little achy, so I was thinking I would be going with lots of reps at light weight, as my left shoulder in particular was being a little cranky.  Well, my whole personality was anxious and cranky at the beginning of the day, for no real reason that is discernible, but that is beside the point.  That was mostly between me, myself and I - no one really knew that but me.....and maybe myself and someone else.....  Anywho, I went into the gym with confidence and no real huge expectations and just a touch of attitude.  There was great music on the radio and some but not tons of people and it was a good vibe.

So, Lori and Al were getting ready for bench pressing, so I worked in on Lori's side and did really well at the low weights and then I realized I was loosening up and feeling good, so I went to one rep for each weight as the weight got heavier- so I could go for the highest I could manage.  Lori's weights were bumped up quickly, and soon I did one that felt pretty heavy and I did it SO easy.  And when I asked what the weight was and Lori said 135- I had just PRed!!!!  YEAH baby!!!!! So we were working quickly and I was obviously not finished, and we had someone work into one of the the benches with us and so we switched to the other side and I was sort of surprised to see an extra 10 on each side instead of 5.  I didn't even hesitate- I just went for it.  I failed out about half way up- and I was SO close to pressing 155!!!  I CAN'T say I ever expected in my life to be able to bench that, and I see it is sooo close!  There was a lot of jumping around and hugging.....  I am so thrilled.  I was told that I didn't develop that strength today, that it was there.  I just needed my mind to catch up with it. (thanks Herman for the wise words!) Lori, Al, Lynne and Herman- you all rock!!  THANKS for being there with me.

I went on to really hit the rest of my workout hard, I did really well on the incline bench with barbells, and had to stay light with the dumbbells as I was totally spent.  I did go on to finish strong with the flyes and all....  I was sort of floating on air.

I have said I am reinventing myself all the time and it remains true still. I am so amazed that I can do this kind of thing.  who knew? I find out all the time that I need to not put up mental barriers.  I need to think I can and not assume I can't.  Life is a mental game- can't let you psych yourself out!!

And rediscovering this is such a joy!

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  1. soo cool and good!!! ya see how weight training changes it all!!!! BEAST MODE!!!!!!!! lARENZO