Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Wednesday....

I don't have any outstanding things to report- nothing earthshaking, inspiring, sad, thrilling or any other extended emotional diatribe.

It is WEDNSDAY, and as usual I am happy to have made it through Tuesday intact.  Tuesday is a hard day for me.  So, being only somewhat exhausted today is a win.  I have been working with the High School kids getting the scenery painting started, it has been an interesting beginning........

But regardless, I have been to the gym, and I am physically tired thanks to the usual workouts plus the addition of pushups and burpees and kettle bell swings.  oy.

In school we are almost to the end of our clay unit, though I suspect that the kids would enjoy continuing on with it for a few more weeks.  I have enthusiastic clay artists this year, which is so much fun.

I have gotten some pictures lately, but not nearly as many as I would like.

I am starting to get my maintenance issues figured out, and am doing a pretty good job of fueling my workouts.  We shall see what today brings with good old leg day- #givemestrength

This may be a sort of non event of a post, but we can't have thrills and chills everytime, right?

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day- we are having a day of working with technology all day long.  In a more creative and intuitive way.  There are people, both STUDENTS and maybe an adult or two, who are all negative about this.  I think they should maybe give it a chance and see what happens. I swear sometimes the kids are more close-minded than older people.  Maybe it is their young brains rebelling at the thought of stepping outside of their semi-comatose school day norm....  Lol, who knows.  But it is true! Snap OUT of it people!!  Enjoy the change!

Oh hey and rumor has it that it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, not that I will do anything but gather and give away some less than healthful candy items and some very cute Valentines cards (I won't give away the cards- no worries) .....  Tax season and Valentines Day do not add up to anything special for the Mad-Art Teacher.......  Hmph.

So, anyway, that's all for today, I hope to do a photo post soon, when I have a little more time.  I have to gather my stuff and get ready for work.

Have a lovely day and be a JOY GIVER today!  and everyday!!

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