Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Photos - 5/29 Graduation day and spring flowers are kicking in!

Sunday photos for this week are made up of a lot of flower pictures, some cloud photos and a miscellaneous graduation photo or two.  We sort of had sun, definitely rain and it has been somewhat warm.  Kind of.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the week.

I post regularly to a website called which is a photo site that features the photographers and scenes from  Wisconsin.  It is a really great website and I highly recommend browsing through the pictures there.  And VOTE by clicking the "dig" button above each pix.  There is a contest that is finishing up tonight for macro-photography of flowers.  This is partly why there are so many flowers- and because it is finally sort of spring-like and they are coming right along!!  Yay for spring!

Alpine Columbine

My favorite tree!  Leafing out
Yellow Primrose

Geranium cinereum "Purple Pillow"

Tiarella flowers

Bee ready for your Closeup!!  

Alpine flower
Silent, still evening

Pretty in pink

Striped beauty

Sensual yellow tulip

Clouds over Butternut Lake

Moody peach thunderheads

Crab apple blossoms

Ghost house in green

It's an Oswald thing

Casualty of the storm


  1. Nice! The definition on that bee close-up is terrific!

  2. Your photos are sooo beautiful! You have a great eye! I just love your favorite tree. Are you ready for summer break??? I know you are!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I love taking those photos...