Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Photos 4/24/2011

Yeah, baby, it is SUNDAY PHOTO TIME!!  I know how excited you all are- well, at least I am excited, it is kind of fun to post a selection of the pictures I took this week.  I went for a LOOOOOONG walk today, took the 7 mile loop for the first time in several years.  Holy moly, that is a long way.  It was so nice today, but I am including the photos of the irritating weather from yesterday.  You don't fully experience joy unless you've been ticked off, and that last snow was a major irritation!

I have to start off with Lola, the poor girl.  Might have some daffs at her feet on Monday if it stays nice and warm!
Lola looking regal and much happier than yesterday

No comment!

Here are a few of the Saturday snow pictures.  Snow didn't keep the Mad Family from going about their business!
Synchronized preening- Sandhill cranes

The rest of the photos are from various times during the week, it was again a good picture taking week!

Jacpot resting in the sun

Motorcycle closeup

Hopeful sign!
frozen grass

Still resting

Milk weed pods

Old trunk


Fungi and moss

Hidden treasures

Stump in swamp

Stone house- front view

Days gone by


Old potato digger
Stone house- south side
Until next time- be a joy giver!


  1. I just love that stone house! And the picture with the mushrooms on the tree-so cool! You have lovely things found in nature all around you. What a blessing!