Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tree planting adventure

I may be a self proclaimed Mad Art Teacher, but when it comes to trees in the spring, there is someone in the house who is way more mad!!  We have hundreds and hundreds of little trees planted all over the place here, at various stages of growth.  But they all start out like this.

Bucket o' trees

Off we go to the way back field (as opposed to the field and the back field, well I think I have discussed THIS before!) to plant these babies.  There are a lot more of them in the garage, so we just sort of got a start on it.
Digging holes
Here is the Mad Accountant making his rows of trees.  This kind of cracks me up, as he leaves so little space in between these white pines, we all know they are going to be pretty crowded in 20 years.  But oh well, I'll lend a hand. 
Newly planted seedlings
There are no holes dug for this style of planting- just 2 slices into the ground, like a capital T, lift a bit, drop in the seedling and then step on the dirt around.  Pretty efficient method of planting little trees, I'd say.  We are kind of in the process of reforesting the way back field, as the only way to access it with hay balers and tractors is on the Tuscobia, and using it is sort of frowned on these days.  
Trees in the front yard
This is what tree planter's first crop looks like almost 30 years later, planted in our front yard.  It is amazing how much they grow in a relatively short time.
Swamp full of water
Of course I was unable to stick totally to task- I found a few photos to take on the walk home.  Here is the water in one of the swamps, it was so pretty.  The moss is just so vibrantly green, the browns are getting lively and reddish, the water was very fresh yet from all the rain and snow.  Lovely.

Running water with moss
A little area of flowing water on the walk home.  The swamps have been pretty dry the last several years.  This makes me afraid of the mosquito season we may have!  
Little cabin in the woods, south side
We passed by the little cabin in the woods, only a few weeks and this view will not be visible for the leaves on the trees!  I am in anxious anticipation for THAT event!
House with sunset

Here is a glorious sight- the sun!  This was a great way to end the day.  The Mad Accountant finished his day by raking, a spring ritual.  Lawn mowing can't be too far behind!


I finished my little walk and tree adventure by visiting the fair Lola.  She is pretty happy about the drier and warmer weather.  The daffodils near Lola are ALMOST ready to bloom, maybe tomorrow!  I know there is a cool photograph awaiting when that happens!
Tete a Tete daffodils

Lola in profile
Spring is winning, you guys!  We can make it through these last few gasps of winter, we will have T-shirt weather, I'm sure of it!
With that in mind, until next time- be a joy giver.  Spread the news that spring is winning.  My friend Jane told me that it's so!  :)


  1. Yes, spring is winning! I'm anxiously awaiting the day the trees bloom and cover the view of the neighbor's windows too!

    I just noticed Lola's mosaic armband. LOVE it!

    And I can't wait to see those daffodils in bloom! Happy spring my friend!

  2. Thank you! :) Very happy spring to you too, hope those trees fill in fast! That is definitely a plus to living in the woods! No neighbors to speak of other than the 4 legged kind.

  3. It was nice to see spring winning the battle against winter. I enjoyed the pictures, particularly the shadows and reflections in "Swamp full of water". Lola seems happy for the sunshine too! Thanks for sharing.