Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter visitors

I feel a bit remiss in not posting about my Easter weekend, when it involved the other Mad-boy- Greg.  I got tired of sitting in front of the computer, so it got pushed aside for a few days.  Poor Greg!

 It is always entertaining to have one or more of the boys come to visit, and there are always adventures!  There was even a sighting of the elusive Michael!  He knows when the good grub is being served.  There were a lot of things on the agenda, including lunch at "The Pal Cafe", hanging out with relatives, and of course eating- a lot!
We started off the weekend with 3 inches of snow, which has been previously discussed, and there were some things that needed doing- the tractor needed to be started and retrieved from where it had conked out in some -20 degree weather, the old Toyota woods truck needed a new battery, and some culverts needed to be cleared.
Dragging a battery back to the Toyota, but the tractor was first on the list.
Gonna clear out the culvert

Got the tractor going

The Toyota got itself a new battery and boy it barely rumbled before coming back to life!  Liberation!!  

It's ALIVE - Yoda

Clearing the culvert
In other news, the rare son Michael makes an on camera appearance.

Motorcycle in transit

Artsy motorcycle pix
The old Yamaha motorcycle has made its way south, and will be in restoration mode for a while.  One more thing out of our garage!!  Woot!

So, this is a week late, sorry Greg and Mike.  Hope it doesn't make you Mad-sons!
Until next time (like in a few minutes) don't forget to spread the joy!

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