Monday, March 7, 2011

Against my better judgement!

So, I've been thinking about blogging for a while now.  I really enjoy reading the ones I subscribe to and "follow".  Sometimes I feel sort of like a stalker!  And against my better judgement, I decided to jump into the proverbial pool tonight..... the last night of our mini vaca...... with 2 weeks of actual work time left before the play at school really begins and exactly 3 weeks before the end of the quarter.  If you are into reading between the lines, see if you can find my mind, because I am sure I lost it somewhere in the last paragraph.

My ever-so-helpful friend, let's call her "Tanya" (Tanya was such a cool name when I was in HS) told me that people would enjoy seeing my artwork and the projects we do at school and all that kind of thing.  I am going to take her word for it and throw a couple of photos up on this page.  My main outlet for creativity these days is photography, and I am getting my hands-on painting fix from the scenery we are preparing for our school musical.  The show is "Honk", which is an updated version of The Ugly Duckling.  Photos may follow on that one!  These are two paintings I did earlier in the school year:

Old Truck- Oil on canvas
Old Truck 2- oil on canvas
And I am going to post a couple photographs that I recently took:

Misty Morning

Past It's Prime

Do you sense a theme?  Why am I showing you so many old trucks?  I am thinking there may be an antique truck number 3 in oil paint in the near future!  I am not necessarily an old truck nut or anything (though there are those who may dispute the nut part), but I love the curves of old vehicles and the lovely patina of the weathered paint and rust.  I think older people (say over 50 or so) should be admired more for their patina!

So, why is the art teacher mad today?  Well, we have to go BACK to school tomorrow, which is enough to drive anyone mad.  But, winter would be boring without the kids.  Until next time...  be a joy giver!

Btw, if you want to see more of my photography, short of hacking into my computer, go to Capture Wisconsin.  You can vote for my pix if you want to!!


  1. Yea! So glad you've joined us in the blog world! It already looks great!

  2. It is quite amazing to see the differences between the Mac version at home and the PC version at work!

  3. Love your work, both painted and photographed. Looking forward to images of springtime! (Could post this from Safari, but not from FireFox).