Friday, March 11, 2011


Kind of beautiful!
     I am thrilled to say that I got out of school before 7 pm today!  I beat the busses out of the parking lot, in fact!  I got home in time to go for a walk, which is where progress begins today.  Usually by this time of the year I am so ensconced in scenery painting and such things, I have stopped my exercise program entirely.  I usually just give up on it from February through the end of March, but for some reason this year- I have not!  Good news, as heaven knows it is harder to get back your fitness level when you are over - uh- I'm going with 35.  I easily conquered my almost 4 mile route that I like to work up to during the summer.  I am waaaaay ahead of the game.  I'm thinking about working towards the 7 mile loop by the time school is over, then I think I'll just walk over to Minneapolis or something.  I bet I could find a sister that would take me in!  :)

It's all those years of furrowed brows!
     So, during this walk I thought it would be fun to snap a quick picture of myself and prove that the sun does come out in northern WI during the month of March.  Well, my fun turned to slight disgust at the first picture- note to self: do not hold your head down when taking a photo of yourself, no one should be subjected to that chin thing!  I considered reaching around the back of my neck to hold the slightly loose skin under there, but decided that might look somewhat unnatural.  And someone might think I was choking or something if they happened to drive by while this occurred.  So, with chin up, I took another.  Off center and good lord, smile woman.  And don't squint- we're not used to the sun, you know.  I took another ( really it was like 10 or 15, most of which were trashed) and it was sort of acceptable.  So I came home and eventually downloaded it.  Here is one of the cropped versions of the photo- I'm considering a couple rounds of something non invasive, like Photoshop, to get rid of the crevices on my forehead!  Seriously, I am blaming the children for this, since I was smooth and fresh not all that long ago.
Bucolic farm scene
     More progress was made on the scenery last night- finished the clouds, added to the mini herd of cow-age and a little, bitty farm is added in the distance.  I had begun that the other night, but it was turning out so poorly, I quickly wiped out all traces and then painted over.  It was not pretty, this farm looks pretty good.  I think I bribed all the children that saw it into not divulging the fact that the art teacher can goof up BIG TIME.  Lol, like they didn't know that!  Next week, it will be the building of the giant eggs!!  More to come...

A young Jacpot
 Finally, I have a picture of the little sample I made for the Advanced Art students and their relief sculpture.  Here is the little fella- I feel like I should name him.... I keep thinking Wildfire, but that name is already taken!  :)  It is interesting to try out something totally new and really stretch yourself.  I will have a few student pictures at some point.  There is a variety of subjects happening- starfish, tree, a profile, etc.  I am mad about their art work, those kids rock!

Progress comes in a lot of forms.

Until next time.... be a joy giver!

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