Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday photos 4/10/2011

This was a real transition week for our weather and landscape.  Last Sunday there was a 3 - 4 inch dumping of slushy snow,  which did not do much for our psyche or mood!  Today we started off our day with above freezing temperatures, the first 70 degree reading of 2011 and our first severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watch!  Wow!  The snow yesterday was still deep enough to prohibit me from a hike through the woods, and today the rains have made the majority of the snow disappear.  

Here is a selection of photos from the week.  Many photos were taken during the late afternoon/evening, as that is when I usually get my walk in.  Some were taken yesterday afternoon, in the gloom, and today in the mix of clouds, sun and storms.

Old silo and trees in the evening

Swamp abstract

reflected sky in the swamp water

Chickadee portrait

Broken tree

Mine is bigger than yours!

Bobbing for seeds

Plow abstract

Disc #2

Disc #1

Tree trunk abstract

Grand old tree

First bloom

Hiding from the deer

Storm on the horizon
I found a lot of abstract images this week.  I had to discover different captures- things are getting monotonous!  Have a joyful week.


  1. Great pictures, Debi-O! The farm machinery and trees are pure Americana, as is Lola!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the bird picture especially. Those turkeys are so cool!