Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collections part 2

Collections are funny things.  They sometimes start accidentally!  I got my first sun from a friend of mine, and it sort of isn't really a sun.... it is a face.  But it kind of reminds me of a sun, and later I began getting real sun decorations- which eventually ended up on my deck.  I like suns partly because I am a Leo, of the zodiac persuasion, a sun sign!  I have been very proud of this fact for many years and that recent "the zodiac signs have changed" nonsense did not go over very well with me.  I have a few lions around the deck, too, but I guess that will have to be a different post!

The first face, above, and a later acquisition below.

You might be saying, "But Mad Art-teacher, sweetheart, (I like being cajoled and complimented) how can you have room for any plants with all of this wonderful garden art around your place??"  I might answer in a sly, knowing manner- if you run out of room down below, you just start nailing it up high!  I have lovely conversations in my head.....
Anyway, I enjoy these suns very much, and have them scattered about the yard and buildings.  I do not have photos of everything, but I have a good sampling.  One of my favorite suns is repoussed into the side of one of my watering cans.  Duo duty collecting really rocks!

So happy to be hanging up!

Large guy on the garage

Last year's birthday present
One of my original suns, broken, and placed in the garden, repaired!

Embossed sun on a watering can
Little sun and beyond, big sun!

Heucheras, or commonly called coral belles, are another category of my collection theme.  Heucheras and I have an uneasy relationship.  I adore their colors, forms and patterns.  They will grow for me if they feel like it!  I buy their expensive little selves and they get eaten by deer.  I get them for free from friends, and they grow like gang busters!  Ah yes, and I never learn.  I continue to torture myself by attempting to keep them for more than a few years, when really, I maybe should consider less costly, less tasty, less fussy plants. But we all know love works in mysterious ways, and few other plants have the beautiful, metallic sheen of a great purple heuchera, or the beautiful contrasting colors between the veins and flesh of the leaves, or even the different colors on the front and the back of the leaves.  
Heuchera "Sugar Plum"- still needs potting

Heuchera "Snow Angel"

Heuchera "Plum Pudding"

Heuchera "Geisha Fans"

Heuchera, unknown cultivar

Heuchera Silver Scrolls (back) and Peach Melba (front)

I have solved (sort of) my deer problem by planting the things in pots and putting them on the deck.... problem is if one doesn't properly protect the pots in the winter it is possible that they will DIE!  Ugh.  So, here we go again, replenishing the Heuchera supply....  at least the deer can't reach them on in pots on the deck!

Until next time, find your joy, even if you have to find it over and over again!!

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  1. I love your whimsical sun collection. Those pesky deer and mosquitos..between the two of them sometimes I wonder why we look forward to summer? :)