Monday, June 20, 2011


You all may or may not know that I have embarked on a healthy lifestyle campaign.  I eluded to that in my Father's Day post.  I am almost to my first personal goal of 30 lbs, which is so fantastic I can hardly believe it.  So one of the things that I do is walk, virtually every day.
The essentials!

Lol, this is what I took out of my pockets yesterday-- all the essentials:

iPhone with earbuds- tunes for the road
Reading glasses, in case of a text or need to change playlist
camera- I think you get that!
lip balm
mosquito repellent
pepper spray for bears- so I can get a head start!!  :)
Plus a stick of gum goes in, but I had it already

Seems excessive, but what do I leave out??

Have a joyful, healthy day!


  1. Well... Here is my list of things that I take with me on my walk each day.

    - Cell phone for using C25K and RunKeeper
    - Keychain
    - Lip balm
    - Camera for capturing nature's beauty
    - Stroller for my son since he is always with me
    - Snacks for my son
    - About 5 bottles of water in a kids' lunchbag

    Sometimes I have to include toys like a Woody doll or something like that. It's funny... I feel like I'm moving every time I go for a walk because we take so much stuff with us! :P *HAHA*

    You have done wonderful so far, Debi, and I can't wait to see you reach that 30 lb loss. You go, girl! ;)


  2. Debio! I am so impressed and proud of you!

  3. Aw, thanks Rachelle! It has been a long road, but it is actually getting a little easier!

  4. look at all that bling on your phone.

    You are doing awesome on your weight loss Debi. Keep after it! You're the best!

    And I'm betting the bears have a similar blog... pepper spray for Debi, so I can get a head start!! :)

  5. I'm so proud of you too! I love that your bear spray is PINK! Lol (and to answer from my blog I would make YOU cookies anytime!) So glad you're back!!

  6. I know! Sort of love the pink bear spray- kind of incongruous!
    I've been told I'm a girlie girl!