Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden Delights and a photo or two- updated with supper!

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. 
 ~Russel Baker

I don't care what anyone says, it may be hot outside, but this is just a magnificent summer!  The clouds are spectacular this year, or maybe it is because I am viewing them through a new camera!  hahaha. Maybe.  Counting your blessings for a whole month is helpful, too. 

So, here is what I saw this morning when the gloom cleared away: a perfectly marvelous sky with the most beautiful, puffy, marshmallow clouds.

Dirty beets!  And why are they on the patio table??

I was outside poking around in the garden, looking for SOMETHING that is ready, and I found some beautiful beets.  We grow the Italian heirloom called Chiogga- they are so doggone good, you won't believe it.  They are sweeter than the traditional dark red ones and are striped inside- red and white.  They stay sort of stripey when they are cooked as well.  Looking forward to supper tonight with some chicken skewers and new potatoes.  The Mad Accountant tells me there are lots of pea pods, too, so it'll be a bright and beautiful meal!

After hosing off the dirty beets, I had to wash my dirty feets, and crocs!  Pretty spiffy gardening shoes, eh??  Lol.

So here is supper!
Beets and beet greens, pea pods and a stray broccoli from the the garden!  Plus chicken skewers, baby carrots and raspberries- new potatoes not shown!
Yum, and nothing processed, preserved or altered.  Well, maybe the bbq sauce!

And here is one flower pix that I goofed around with on my new photo editing software.  I may have gone too far.  I don't want to make the pictures unrecognizable, just make them more like I see them.  It is hard to work with these reds and keep them true red and not end up on the purply pink end.  Oh well, live and learn.  I am going to keep trying!

Until next time, find your joy! Hopefully it is good for you!

For more on gardening, be sure to visit my friend Rachelle's delightful blog- Talking to Plants - I am not the only person counting her blessings today!  oooooo - it's contagious!!  :)  Watch out for joy!


  1. Marshmellow clouds, beets, a flower & your gardening crocs! You've got 'em all covered... including the joy! Love it!!!

  2. Great post, Debi! Those beets sound awesome. How fun is that? Stripy beets!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Thanks for spreading the joy!

    Beautiful garden meal bounty!