Monday, August 1, 2011

Birfday celebration- Birthday month ends with a bang

I had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks to any and all who participated in any way. And there were a lot of you!!  I got lots of love and hugs and wishes and it was great.  Birthday month is a great idea, you all ought to try it!

I began my day by going out for breakfast with the Mad-accountant.  I love going out for breakfast, and we haven't done it for a while.
 I have a picture of me in the morning, before breakfast- compare to the later in the evening photo!  hahaha  Great face- and that was the best one of me sitting by the campfire.  It was darker than it looks in the picture.  Really I was only on beer #2!

I spent a good deal of the day baking and shopping and cleaning and arranging and generally getting myself party worthy!  This is a pix of the somewhat homely chocolate cake from heartburn hell!

Here are some of my friends and relatives either feigning interest in my boisterous stories or the M-A, who is trying to pretend he doesn't know me!!  HAHAHAHAHA, that'll never work buddy!  
M-A, Rog and Lisa 
The elusive Mike plus Ed and Cathy

I let Jane sit on my butterfly throne!

I need to sit in my throne MORE often- now where did that tiara go??

The Builder and Brenda!

Cake cutting went terribly wrong

Now you know why

Can you imagine who was trying to take pix after 3.5 beers???  And 1.5 pieces of nasty chocolate cake???  5 points for the first correct answer!  Go and post those responses!!
Gorgeous smile

Notice the lack of blood shot eyes!

Wisely handed off the camera to other more sober guest

Cathy and birfday girl

Lots of Oswalds!!

Janey and me!!

The more you drink the more teeth that show!!!
I was pretty busy all day, what with making birthday cake, and then birthday dinner for myself, Fred and Mike, plus shopping and preparing for the party at the end of the day.  I was sort of exhausted by the time the guests arrived!  My guests included the Builder, Joe and his wife, Brenda, Jane and Rog and Ed and Cathy.  And of course Lisa, The Builder and Brenda's youngest, Joey- their oldest, and Mikey- my youngest.  I made that huge chocolate cake, brown-butter Rice Krispie treats (if you never had the brown butter kind, you havent tasted the best RK treats!) a few munchies and a selection of beverages.  Got a couple more outdoor chairs from town and a few other useful things from the rez!
Woo hoo!!!

Look closely for an unwanted guest!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes~  Until next time hug your joy to pieces!


  1. Nice end of birthday month celeration! Woo Hoo!

  2. You sure know how to celebrate a birthday. I'm taking lessons.