Saturday, August 13, 2011

Company calling- edition 1

My dear sistah Rose and niece Emily came to stay with us for a few days, and boy did we get a lot of living in!!  It was so nice to have them here.
Rose and Emily in the cabin

They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and after supper we headed back to see the progress on the little cabin in the woods.  That is after Emily checked out Jacpot and the kittens that we have.  She monitored their activities nearly constantly during the time there were here!  :)  Unfortunately, it appears I did not get a photo of Emily with the horse or the kittens!  Bummer.
The main objects of Emily's affection
Along with this guy, that is.

Riding in the back of the truck to the cabin

Emily enjoyed spotting the deer.

It's great to be 11!!

Fred demonstrating his lantern- real cute.

Afterwards, we decided to head on over to our friends' place.  Paul and Judy have the big horn sheep and a variety of other animals- you have seen them on this blog before!  Emily and Rose had a really good time touring the sheep yard, petting the big dogs, seeing the bottle babies, and taking in all the activities.
Emily petting one of the big dogs- Either Shep or Buckler, plus Rose, Judy and her grandson

Some of the rams

Emily loves Llamas!

Big Black Hawaiian Ram

Can you see them bottle feeding the babies?

Waiting their turn to eat

I even got my daily dose of pretty!

Wow, that was a great start to a wonderful visit!  More to come........

Until next time, be a family joy giver!


  1. Who wouldn't want to visit your house? It all looks lovely and I'm sure Emily didn't want to go home!

  2. Great photos, Debi. I'm a cat person so I loved the pic of your kittens. Enjoyed seeing Jacpot again, too, though!