Friday, September 30, 2011

Abstraction: Updated!

I really enjoy closeup and abstract views of ordinary things.  Fall seems to lend itself to this fascination I have, mostly because of the colors.  I like to try simplifying the intense color contrasts by using compositions that focus on form and repetition.  I am starting with these, and I will be updating and adding to this post as I go through this fall.

Burning hot colors

Detail of sculpture from The Concrete Park in Phillips, WI

Bottle bed for Angora Cat sculpture at The Concrete Park in Phillips

Leaf Arrangement- collaboration

Leaf mosaic

Detail from Concrete Park

Leaf Arrangement
Leaf Mosaic 2
Sepia bee
Symphony in red
high wire
Look closely for your joy!!


Melting frost

sparkling weeds


over a creek

Roadside frosted weeds

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