Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas day- a little late!

Well, I had taken Christmas Day pictures, and then got so busy doing other things that I didn't post about the day!  So, I guess better late than never!

The picture of me is blurry, as the Mad Accountant took it, and I had to coach him on NOT moving the camera as he snapped.

And THEN this is the photo he took- nice and clear, but ..... uh.....

 Look who kept us entertained during this holiday weekend!!

And I do mean Ruger, but Greg can be entertaining as well.  At one point Ruger chewed up a twenty dollar bill-- Now how the 20 got on the floor into Mike's shoe is something you will have to ask The Mad-Accountant.  Weirdo.

We had a very nice day, actually we spent much of it outside!  Hope you had a an awesome Christmas yourself.  On to the New Year!

Some days it's just really easy to find your joy!!

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