Sunday, December 18, 2011


So, yeah, it has been a little bit of an off day for me.  I slept really poorly last night for some reason- I REALLY do not know why, and I find it quite unfair as I have stuck to my regular routine AND it is the weekend..... So I am whining.  Also, we had company for the Packer game, which would have been GREAT had they freaking won.... which leads me to think of bad karma for some reason.  And I STILL do not have my Christmas cards out, part of the reason is of course our buddy procrastination, but part of it was the fact I was waiting to send out a couple calendars to people with their cards, and the calendars somehow got in a mail black hole over in the Twin Cities, and finally arrived after 8 days of being incommunicado.  Seriously!  It took 1.5 days to get to the twin cities from somewhere on the east coast, but it took from December 8 through December 17 to get to Park Falls???  I could have driven over myself and picked them up.  And now we are back to the fact that I am very tired from my rotten night sleep.
I did get a great walk in, both Saturday and Sunday, with some pretty fair pix, so here are those.  I think I am going to go to bed and feel rested for Monday.

Stone house- December

Hill and Dale

Velvety bark and whispering grass

Look outs

Frosty closeup

Lola and wreath

Naughty or nice?

Home for the birds

Hidden house

Pick up sticks

Chainsaw boy

Chainsaw boy, v.2

Chainsaw boy's art work

This is what I walked on today, great for contemplation and burning off chex mix!

Little cabin in the woods at dusk

Wreath and star

Lights of the wreath...

The day, though slightly off, can still be seen through joy-colored sunglasses!!  Until next time -- Be a joy giver!

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  1. I always like the pictures of that stone house, but the skeletal Queen's Anne's lace is loverly as is the wreath with lights. Thanks for sharing, DebiO!