Sunday, January 29, 2012

Morning motivation

This morning, I WAS going to just goof around and do some little tasks that need to be done.  A drawer straightened, plants watered, vacuum a little.... some stuff!  So I was going about my usual Sunday morning business- ie:  making pancakes for the Mad-Accountant and I and I looked outside and saw that the clouds were breaking up!  Hmmmm- that is a good sign for a sunny day, which in my book makes for a first class weekend!!  So, maybe I will be rethinking my morning plans....

Because I am always on the look out for an awesome sunrise, I was looking out the window to the south- keeping my eye on the display that might be put on for me.  Lola was looking quite fetching in the morning light- but you know- she always does, which is when I noticed the glints off of her mirror embellishments.  DINGDINGDING- bright light through the clouds- I know what that means!!!  AWESOME sunrise ahead!

So I pulled the MA's first pancake off the heat, pull the robe a little tighter, throw on the crocs and go dashing outside with my "good" camera.  Actually all of my camera's are great, but this is the one that takes up it's own small room with all of it's cases and lenses and tripod and trappings that are part of an SLR system.  The fresh snowfall from yesterday is still pretty undisturbed by the four legged rodents on hooves and it is GOR-JUS outside.... kinda cold, but who the heck notices when you are in the middle of capturing beauty!  I live such an adventuresome life inside my own head!!  hee hee hee

HERE is my morning motivation:

I scrapped all of my plans that involved staying in the house and decided to walk down to the boat landing, actually walk onto the ice and do some photos!

The effects of all this grey, cloudy weather can be negated by a glorious sunny day!

More to come!


  1. gorgeous! i'm a winter wuss and would rather enjoy the beauty from the warmth of inside my home, so i salute you for being tough enough to endure the temperatures! way to go, Debi!

  2. Beautiful, Debi. I'm with Pif, though. Thanks for braving the cold temps! Have a joyful day!