Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long Shadow Obsessions- Saturday photos

 Winter does not give us a lot of color, but it does provide a really interesting study in shadow and light.  The sun makes the snow brilliant and the shadows tend toward blue.  It is sort of hard to photograph this all and avoid burnout, washed-out highlights and too dark shadows.  But everywhere I look on a sunny day at this time of year there are these gorgeous long blue shadows falling in front of the trees.  So instead of wishing I was in Florida or Cali or somewhere warm, I am attempting to take a really kick ass picture of the local, snow scenery and those icy cold shapes.....

I still haven't take the "OHMIGOSH" there it is!  picture, but these are pretty ok.  I've included some pix from other posts, as well as 10 new photos.

Self portrait in shadow

Smith Creek


Grey shadows

Frozen creek 

Branches of ice

Saturday morning 2/25

Joy is finding the beauty in your every day life!  Give someone a little joy today.

SPEAKING of joy- I just love these mules who live on the far side of my block--- waaaay over on the next road- about at the beginning of mile three on my walk- you can see that here.

Aren't they gorgeous??

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