Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So FAR behind!!!

Ohmygoodness, it has been so so long!  i didn't blog about the play, I haven't blogged photos, I haven't told you (not that most of you don't know this) that I have entered a new weight zone!!  eesh.

SO!!  I am beginning with a quick picture post, since that is my passion.

These are a series of pix from Phillips, WI, the town next to ours.  I had a ride down with the MA who had to copy and collate a bunch of tax returns,  surprise - surprise!  I went for a great walk by Lake Duroy.  Photo shoot, walk, climbed a tree!  Lol, you just never know what life is going to present to you.  And what obstacles you might encounter.  And what fears you might conquer and what risks, large or small you are willing to take. How you can reinvent yourself.   AND what joys you might find tucked in there along the way!

I "may" have climbed up THIS tree!!  Lol

Until next time, which should be pretty soon, as I try to do a little catch up blogging, find YOUR joy.  Be brave


  1. Awesome photos, Debi! Thanks for sharing some of Phillips.

  2. I feel like I was on a little road trip with you. Thanks for sharing and refreshing my memories of trips to Phillips.
    'hugs from afar'