Monday, April 23, 2012

Stone house- alternate views

On my walk Saturday, I found myself thinking about the stone house.  I love the stone house, as everyone who reads this blog should know!  As I was thinking, I began imagining what pictures I could take that were different- alternative views.  

We get so used to seeing things a certain way.  It is hard to imagine what things look like from the other side.

The other side of the stone house
There are lots of things that prevent us from these new approaches.  Fear. Boredom. Lack of imagination.  But with the simple act of stepping close or  pulling your eye upwards, you can see new things in the old, the familiar, the ordinary.

Take a look around the corner, peek inside, be brave and walk down the hill...

Barn foundation down the hill from the stone house

There are unexpected things around every corner, you can find surprises in the most unexpected places.

The place you are at- in life, in the landscape, in your journey determines how you see things.  Determines the color of your picture.  Determines the amount of joy you are letting into your life.  Take a step off the beaten path, out of your own personal box.  Enjoy the view, from whatever angle you end up seeing it.  It can be hard to look at, it can make you sad, but you can learn from it.  Look from all sides, view points and angles.  Experience them for what they are.

And after the searching is over, find your joy!


  1. Thanks Deb, words of wisdom...I need to look at things at a different angle.

  2. Great reminder about how to look at things. Awesome pics!!!