Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane!!

I want to do a special blog post on this day- it is my future daughter-in-law's birthday today!! She absolutely rocks my socks.  

Having raised 3 boys, I am always in need of some meaningful female relationships!  LOL.  Wasn't that a nice way to say I need some girls in my life.  And now I have another wonderful Sarah to join my little family. 

The birthday girl and the Oswalds

Sarah is going to be my running partner for the Dirty Girl 5K and obstacle course on August 18 and I am so excited to do this with her! We are a team of two called the GO GO GIRLS!! YAY US.

Anyway, have a wonderful, fantastic day Sarah!!

LOVE you to pieces.


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  1. When the time comes, I hope my son picks as well as yours has, DebiO!