Saturday, June 30, 2012

When life throws you a curve ball, you might as well blog....

Ok, everyone, this is a prelude to at least 2 or possibly more posts that I am going to put up today.  I am kind of down, because I am on self imposed rest.  And there MAY be a couple of other nagging people around that are trying to enforce that idea as well.  Anyway, I am needing to rest my knees until swelling goes down in them, I am taking an antibiotic in case it is an unfortunate interlude with Lymes.  After exchanging stories at the inservice yesterday, I realized that this odd turn of events could be something other than 50 year old knees!  Which made me happy at the time, but when I realized I would not get better over night (why the heck not????) and I remembered how AWFUL antibiotics make me feel, I am less than overjoyed.

So, I am sitting around, getting really tired of doing nothing, but I found when I (um there are a few people who will yell at me for this, so if you are a bossy person, you might not want to read the rest of this paragraph) went to town to get buttermilk and then made peach blueberry cobbler that my knees were quite unhappy with me.  QUITE!  So I am sitting and icing and will now blog my little heart out.  Sigh.  I promise to sit for a while.

Anywho, I will be posting a few things this afternoon.  For sure an artistic type photo post, a summer fingernail/transition/youwillseewhatImean post and probably a couple from my trip to Janesville a while ago.  I was behind, so might as well catch up.

Meanwhile, I will continue trying to make my knee and my stomach feel better.  I have found that eating does NOT make me feel any happier.  Which is fine, because when you are burning ZERO calories, that'll work out in the end!

ONWARD!!!!  I need to find a little JOY!

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