Sunday, July 22, 2012

Final Preparation and see ya!

I think I am ready.  I need to print directions to the middle of no where, but then I am ready.   Or as ready as I ever will be.  As my dear friend, the Mad-Marathoner said, you could work on getting ready for a long long time..... well that is paraphrasing a conversation that we had! Anyway, the point is, the house is as straightened as it's going to get.  I think I have all my REALLY important things together- clothes, cameras, pillow. What more do you need?

WELL, finding a gorgeous sunrise is a good perk!  I fancied it up with my new latest passion, that is using Instagram and Pixlr-o-matic.  Fun iPhone apps that make my life even more joyful!  

I have 2 cameras with me, 4 memory cards that I will swap out every day or so, incase something untoward happens, all the pix won't be gone, and 2 batteries for each camera!  I think I am ready for camera emergencies!  AND I  have my awesome waterproof  camera bag to hang around my neck and keep it safe.

This is an incredible way to be spending a whole week of birthday month!

So, until next time, have a wonderful week and find your joy!!!

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