Friday, August 24, 2012

Im such an art teacher

I LOVE art supplies. They never fail to make me happy. One of my favorite things-ever- are Sharpie markers. Sharpies are awesome things. Their colors are wonderful, and they demand to be used to decorate and embellish. And I am thrilled to oblige! Just ask my friend the band director how great his calendar looks each month after our staff meetings!! Sharpies and paper keep me focused and on task and not bothering my neighbors and partners in crim.... Uh, my colleagues. :)

So here is my latest acquisition. Check those babies out!!
And loooooooook!! Silver, gold, AND copper!!!

Such are the little joys of an art teacher world.


  1. Debiozzz: If you're coloring his arena of sound w/ visual art, it's only fair that he return the favor by coloring your arena of visual art w/ sound. He should be stopping by and playing special little melodies, just for you. Besides, some of his instruments probably match your new métalliques marqueurs permanents. ;)

    -M. Robert

    1. AHHHHH, it's Monsieur! Delighted to have you join this world of mine. You will find my music to be eclectic, varied, frequently syncopated and staccato, but always melodic. And did I mention colorful?? I bet I would have a good time interpreting your instruments en couleur.......

      Have a joyful day!