Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soe tore and other oddities: a return to running

Mad conversation with self this morning:

Oh man am I tired.  Why the heck was I going to run again??  I am sure I should wait until tomorrow, I walked 7 miles yesterday, for crying out loud.

Oh for heavens sakes, quit whining.  You have that 5K run next weekend and you need to get a little running in so Sarah Jane doesn't have to carry you across the finish line.

I suppose the horse needs to be fed first- alright, let's do that - then head out.

OW!  Hey my soe is tore.

WHAT did you just say???  Really?  Your soe is TORE???? THAT is something you say out loud wrong, you don't THINK that in your brain before it comes out of your mouth!!!!  Good lord, if you hadn't been just whining like a baby, you'd be going back to bed.

Oh shut up and let's get this over with.  I can't help it my soe, er, uh, my toe is sore.

Now you know!  Lol.  Seriously, who makes that sort of mixup in their brain before even saying it out loud.   

This morning I had to get a run in- in anticipation of the 5K and obstacle course thing I am doing next Saturday.  As some of you know and some may or may not know, I had a little knee issue recently.  MUCH to my dismay.  So I eased way off of everything involving knees in anticipation of the canoe trip and of course the resulting loss of fitness for running was highly discouraging.  I ran part of the Evergreen Road Run last weekend, then did one more run this past week.  a SLLLLOOOOOWWWW one, but still.  And so I wanted to get an interval session in today and then I will do one more interval session before Wednesday so I can rest the knee before the race on Saturday.  

MY BRAIN is ready to regroup and return to running.  My cardio fitness is getting there, thanks to a lot of walking this week.  My legs are not quite as confident as my brain wants them to be.  
On the road with Debi

What I found disturbing was how quickly I lost my cardio fitness!!  My heartbeat was way faster this past week when I was running than just a month ago when I had to lay off for a while.  UGH.  That is rotten!  All the work I did to get to that point.  But I am finding it is coming back pretty quickly, so that is good.

I was also distressed with how quickly my quad muscles lost strength!  I avoided most quad work whilst babying my knee, and I can feel it.  At least I am starting to regain some of the mass now.  A little of the definition is beginning to show again.  


Of course I felt pretty wiped after the whole thing, but it was a good feeling.  No soreness in my knee.  I iced it for good measure, so it will not decide to act up on me.  I can feel my edge returning, and I am going to attempt to go slow when adding mileage.  No more adding over a mile onto my runs once a week!  I do not want to go through that again.  Game face is on people!!!

Idk if you can see it, or if you want to, but there is a big ole blister on my middle (s)toe.  And that sucker hurts!  At least my pedi still looks good!

On a more positive note, and just a bit on the random side, but why should this be different than any other day, I have a new playlist to run with!  THANK you to my good friend Samara, the mad-marathon buddy!!! She is my hero and role model!!

Seems like nap is a good idea, now, don't you think??

Until next time, be a joy giver and find some inner peace!  No arguing meow! ;)

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