Saturday, September 29, 2012

And virus induced exhaustion has set in....

And I can't talk, and this is just about killing me.  The MA finds this all quite amusing, which I find a tad annoying.  Humph. In fact a shot of tequila was offered to me and I just can't even begin to stomach the thought of drinking anything.  OY, I must be sick.

So I am going to do a photo post, as I have a lot of pix that haven't been posted and I don't have the mental capacity right now to be clever.  No comments necessary.

This looks like a surreal landscape to me!  I love it.  Going to alter it someday and make a funkier version

Amazing color this year


Looking up at the maple tree in front of our house

Through the branches...

Smith Lake in late evening

Calm and zen


slashes of white birch

nature works hard...

Trees and loon

Flaming tree tops

Morning glory

dramatic morning light


birches and maples

seen on my drive into work..

At the end of my driveway

Same tree, different light

Milk weed- v.1

Milk weed v. 2

Milk weed, v. 3

leaf still life


You may have seen some version of some of these on Facebook through my Instagram app.  I am an Instagram addict.  I love using it, and just so you know, it is only available on mobile phones.  You can use all sorts of fancy filters that you already have.  And as soon as I get my new iPhone in a few weeks, I will download more filter and effects apps!  Instagram is a photography social network, and it is awesome- so much fun to use.

But there is nothing like traditional photography beauty!

Until next time, be a joy giver!

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  1. What absolutely beautiful pictures, Debi! Hope you're feeling better (and can talk) real SOON!