Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of summer musings and a picture post

Today starts school again, and while it is sad to have summer finished, I feel very unfocused in the summer.  I like that part of me, I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want and it really suits me.  I have been accused of flitting from thing to thing, of whiling away my time,  of exercising all day, of NAPPING (which I did exactly like 3 times this summer), of daydreaming my time away!  Welcome to the land of Debi!  That is me - in a nutshell! But that side of me needs the focused and driven side of me for counterpoint, so here we go.

Glory in the sky

A hint of fall
I think that summer offers me time to think and be.  I need the time off from the stresses of school to be able to become creative again.  By the end of school all creativity is gone, we ALL are in survival mode.  It is hard to be an artistic person when you are overwhelmed by all the things that happen at the end of May, nothing bad about any of it.  It is what it is!  But creativity and artistic is a huge part of what I am, and that part needs to be refueled and refreshed.  My neurons are firing on overtime right now, thinking of things for me to do with my HS kids, with my littles, and some things I want to do for myself.  

Summer endings

Morning glow

A shadow of my former self?  A shadow of my present self!

Butternut Creek on Trout Rd


So I am up early and will be into school early today- because beginnings are exciting, new is thrilling for me..... I thrive on positive change and survive through the negative sort.  It will be interesting to see what kind of year this is, I am hoping for positive!   After all, finding joy is a driving force inside of me.

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